Five Foods for Cold and Flu to Naturally Boost Your Immune System

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The Lymphatic System: How to Make It Strong & Effective
See all of our berry recipes for ideas to work them into your meals and snacks. This can be helpful for people with lymphedema, but it is a specialized technique that requires medical knowledge, plus at least hours of specific training. So rotating them exposes the yeast to different forms of attack. Browse through some recent posts below: I would then use a medicine syringe to give it to him, I would try and keep it to one or two syringes so it would be fast. No cereals, cereal products, bread stuffs, cakes, cookies, pies, candy, ice cream, etc.

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10 Ways to Improve Your Lymphatic System Function

Diuretics stimulate the kidneys and help the body get rid of excess fluid, mainly water and sodium. If you have issues with fluid retention, you should ask your doctor about trying burdock root before resorting to prescription products.

Consumption of burdock has also helped many people with skin issues through its blood-cleansing and internal cooling abilities. Scientific studies have even shown that burdock extract can even improve the clinical signs of aging skin! In Europe, the fresh root is used for lowering blood sugar, its inulin content making it particularly suitable for diabetes.

European physicians of the Middle Ages and later used burdock to treat cancerous tumors as well as skin conditions, venereal disease, and bladder and kidney problems. Many herbalists today say burdock root can stop cancer cells from metastasizing, making it a potential natural cancer treatment. Another study found that arctigenin was a cancer-specific phytochemical that killed human lung cancer cells, human liver cancer cells and human stomach cancer cells.

If you suffer from an enlarged spleen , burdock root can help. Your spleen is in constant contact with your blood so as burdock root cleanses your blood, it also cleanses and protects the spleen. Burdock root can help get rid of painful tonsillitis. Acute tonsillitis is a type of inflammatory virus that causes tissues within the tonsils to become infected with harmful bacteria.

Both burdock root and dandelion are excellent for diabetes and skin conditions. Dandelion is specifically excellent at cleansing the liver and protecting the bones while burdock is an amazing blood cleanser, which also makes it very helpful to liver health.

Burdock is also helpful for bones, particularly osteoarthritis. It also has burrs that can stick to clothing or animal fur. The deep roots of the burdock plant are brownish-green or nearly black on the outside. Burdock root is a slender, brown-skinned root vegetable that typically grows to be more than two feet in length.

Nutritionally speaking, one cup of burdock root contains about Burdock root has been used for thousands of years in Asia and Europe — and more recently in North America. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, burdock fruit has been used continually for thousands of years. Would you believe that the inspiration for Velcro actually came from the burdock burr?

Specific Mini-Trampoline Lymphatic Exercises. How to Do a Lymph Cleansing Diet. Does Rebound Exercise Help Lymphedema? Herbs That Promote Lymphatic Drainage. Supplements to Improve Lymphatic Drainage. Foods for a Healthy Spleen. Supplements to Help the Spleen. Lymphatic Drainage Massages for Faces. Is Caffeine Bad for the Lymphatic System? List of Lymphatic Diseases. Citrus is one of the most detoxifying foods you can eat, specifically lemons, limes, navel oranges, tangerines, blood oranges, and grapefruit.

These foods all possess powerful enzymes, along with Vitamin C, that support the body and keep digestion flowing. Be sure to buy organic since toxic chemicals lie in the peels. Berries, especially cranberries, are rich in detoxifying benefits that cleanse the system and also add hydration for healthy lymph flow.

Of course other berries are also great, so choose whichever ones you enjoy and eat them daily. See all of our berry recipes for ideas to work them into your meals and snacks. Greens remove harmful chemicals and toxins from our body we encounter daily and they also nourish our cells to detoxify the way our body wants to.

They also provide nutritional support with Vitamins A, C, and K, along with iron, magnesium, B vitamins, and protein. These seeds provide magnesium to support the nervous system and healthy fats to lubricate the body and promote lymph flow.

They also help scrape the digestive tract from toxins through healthy fibers, which keeps your body from toxic-build up that can block lymph flow due to slow digestion. See more benefits of eating pumpkin seeds here and toss a few into your next bowl of porridge, use them to bake with, or add them to smoothies and raw trail mix.

Like pumpkin and sunflower seeds, these seeds are full of omega 3 rich fatty acids , which are excellent for lymph flow. Enjoy them in oatmeal or sprinkle them onto a smoothie or entree. Healthy fats like these also help your body absorb nutrients from other foods that the lymphatic system needs to work well. All herbs and spices are amazing for cleansing the body.

Turmeric , ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, and black pepper being some of the best. These foods also contain antioxidants that benefit the brain and can help the digestive system working well, which benefits lymph flow.