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Not only this i take only home-cooked food and no packet food, no oily food for the last 2 moth. There are plenty other ways to make money from your spare budget, ranging from bake sales to renting your spare room to reviewing. Comfort is also key, so durable materials and thick, well-padded straps are requirements. I started a year ago a hard workout of Zumba Zaragoza, very hard, 60 minutes is based fitness using Latin dance steps, wonderful, forgiving each session 1. Hi Bethany, Tripping to print your 21 day fix shopping list.

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The government issued bonds that are identified as treasury bonds, agency bonds and agency bonds. Post issuance the rate of the bond can always fluctuate in the market. Further the investment in your bonds must be based on your needs and the amount of risk you are ready to take. Before investing you should also learn thoroughly about the different types of bonds. For instance, the debentures are the unsecured taxable bonds. There are the mortgage bonds which most people try to avoid if they are not strongly financially secured.

The Treasury Bonds are considered to be the safest as they have no credit risk. We all know that savings are important not just for peace of mind but for any unplanned or unexpected expenses. However, for those with a spare personal budget this can be a great thing to utilise to start up something on the side and help bring in some extra cash to boost those savings.

For those lucky ones born creative, creativity can be a great thing to harness when looking to bring in some extra cash. From jewellery to soft furnishings to even wedding invitations, there are so many ways you can use your creativity to make money — providing you have the skillset and talent, of course! Look into any opportunities in your local community such as craft fairs , or more effectively, research into selling online via sites such as Etsy.

Despite what you may think, blogging can actually be incredibly time consuming, and so because of this it may not be for everyone. However, if you have part time or flexible work then blogging can be a great way to make money, providing you have the patience and budget to put just a little money behind it.

Choose your niche, do your research into other successful blogs and having worked out your spare time, get blogging! There are lots of hosting sites that are able to provide you with a template for a relatively small cost even better, look for ones offering a free trial , and once people are familiar with your content, you can start hosting sponsored content or affiliate market links and make money.

For those with a background or even interest in finance, online trading or investment can be a lucrative way to boost your savings. However, always remember to never invest more than you can afford to lose, otherwise this could end up jeopardizing your savings, not increasing them! This would be better to suited to someone with a larger spare personal budget. If you have experience or knowledge of a particular industry that you feel would benefit others, you might consider starting a YouTube channel , with the foresight to monetise this content.

All you have to do is be consistent in your content to get a good audience that will increase your income. Some people take amazing photos, but would never consider monetising this talent. For good photographers, there are so many opportunities to make money, largely for stock photos. Utilise any upcoming trips and get together a portfolio of city scapes or scenery. You will, however, need to be in possession of a proper camera — not just an iPhone.

Look into online markets such as Shutterstock that will pay you for a decent photo. This may be a little more time consuming that other options, so would be better suited to someone with either flexible or part time work.

Start by deciding your niche and putting together a few solid samples to put out there. Be warned though that you may have to do quite a bit of writing for free before you can start charging, so this may be more a long term option.

There are plenty other ways to make money from your spare budget, ranging from bake sales to renting your spare room to reviewing. Thinking of things to do on the side can be a great and really resourceful way to utilise your spare personal budget and boost your savings. You might even end up making more than you anticipated and save even faster than planned. However, never invest too much into a side venture and be sure to do your research fully before getting started.

And even though we all try to create a savings account, the reality is that at some point in time we are going to need to spend more money than we make. Hopefully, if you are living within your means, this will be a short term phenomenon that you can recover from. This post addresses a few ways to use short term loans to your advantage. If you are running out of money you need to realize that getting a short term loan can easily turn into a chronic long term problem.

The real solution is to find a way to start getting ahead of your spending. Getting a short term loan will get you money in the near term but will make your life more difficult when it comes time to repay the loan. Shop around for a loan that will work for you.

Analyze your credit and your loan options. If you have good credit, income and assets it should be easy to get any sort of traditional loan. Pay close attention to interest rates and compare your options. If you have income but bad credit you might be able to get a loan against your income. If you have a car that is paid for, you could even consider getting a short term title loan.

I have used this site to find title loans near me. If none of these options work you can always hit up your friends or family for help. This would destroy your credit so you should see a credit counselor before being this drastic. It means people are losing their homes and that the economy is likely in the dumps.

Of course, if you have the time not at an auction and the house is in good enough shape to meet the traditional mortgage guidelines, you can get a traditional mortgage. The good news is that this is usually the lowest interest rate you can find. The bad news is that this type of loan takes the longest to secure. This type of loan is only available to those that have a lot of equity built up in another real estate investment, but it does have its advantages. Home equity loans are fast and somewhat easy to obtain, and they offer rates close to those of traditional mortgages.

A bridge loan is another alternative. Its possible to get a fast bridging loan approved and funded within a few days.

A hard money loan is similar to a bridge loan, but instead of financing it through a traditional lender the money comes from a hard money lender. Hard money lenders require a lower loan to value and usually charge a higher interest rate than other loans.

If the foreclosed property is cheap enough, you can use cash advances from your credit cards to pay for the property. American culture is inextricably tied with capitalism, materialism and debt. It seems that no matter how hard individuals and households try to save money and manage their finances well, financial security is elusive to most. So why does such a discrepancy exist? Maybe their methods of financial management need reexamination. Here are six of the most common budgeting mistakes that Americans make every day.

Not living within your means. If you spend more than you make, you will eventually have nothing, and then you will have less than nothing. When you have less than nothing, everything is more expensive because you borrow to buy it.

When you start to have money left at the end of the month, save it! Not saving for emergencies. If you live paycheck to paycheck, you are unprepared to handle non-routine expenses which are, statistically speaking, guaranteed to happen eventually.

Without savings, people use cash-advance services or credit cards, which will both cost far more in the long run with interest and other fees. Such situations often lead to a slippery slope of debt. One of the easiest ways to save is to have money taken directly from your paycheck to a savings account so that your savings can grow consistently. Buying more car and house than you need. A car is a depreciating asset; the longer you own it, the less value it has. If you need personal transportation to and from work, an SUV or large truck is much more car than you need, and it will be more expensive to buy, fuel and maintain.

The same mentality applies to housing. A bigger house is not always better. While you need sufficient space for living, the rest is just extra. A bigger house means a higher mortgage payment each month, while if you bought a house just big enough for your needs, you could pay it off sooner and save money in interest as well. Factor in higher property taxes, maintenance and the time it takes to keep all that space clean and organized, and that McMansion suddenly looks a lot less appealing.

Paying again and again. Maintaining subscriptions, services and membership fees is like giving a retail store money when you walk in the door regardless of whether you actually buy anything. Rethink whether you are still interested in the service; if so, consider other less expensive ways to achieve the same end. If not, just cancel it already! Treating investing as a game. The stock market is not a slot machine or a lottery. Trying to make a quick buck in the short term by constantly buying and selling will earn you a headache and stress but probably not profits.

Be rational in your investing; a solid portfolio will have both high-risk and low-risk assets working over time to build wealth. Not checking your credit score. Your credit score is a number that will determine interest rates on car loans, home mortgages and insurance. The three credit rating agencies —Equifax, Experian and Transunion- are each required to provide you with a free report once per year. Check the report carefully for clerical mistakes that could harm your credit score.

The report is also a straightforward way to detect and stop fraud before it causes irreparable damage. This simple check performed just a few times each year can save you money and hassle in the long term. Since the recession began, Americans have been learning — almost always the hard way —the value of thrift, the problem with keeping up with the Joneses, and the necessity of saving for emergencies.

This list is not a complete how-to for saving, but it provides key points to begin tackling your individual financial problems. After all, the first step of any process is the hardest. Do you suffer from oniomania? Those who spend to alleviate negative emotions like anger, sadness or disappointment, those who get an adrenaline rush from spending money, and those who consistently buy more than they intended may be compulsive shoppers.

Social and cultural conditions reinforce such behaviors. You can even shop during a flight! Break the destructive spending habits and splurge no more with these easy, creative tricks.

Avoiding Temptation No one has superhuman willpower. The best way to avoid giving in to temptation is to avoid encountering it. Switch the channel away from home shopping networks and stop browsing store websites or one-stop online shopping like Amazon or eBay. Recycle catalogs that come in the mail or, better yet, call customer service and unsubscribe. Since credit card usage often facilitates excessive spending, put your plastic somewhere else. Give it to your spouse or partner so that you must justify each purchase to someone else.

Having a support system in place will also help you stick to your goals. As a last resort, consider freezing your cards in a block of ice. Waiting for it to melt gives you time to rethink your purchase. Taking Control Good news: Set aside a specific amount each month for shopping. This trick helps you consider what you already have that is similar or maybe better than what you are buying. If you overspend on little items a few dollars at a time, make a list before shopping and stick to it.

Press Pause Controlling an impulse of any kind requires creating space between the trigger and your response. Like hitting the pause button, you need to be able to stop and consider your reaction. Try the two-day rule: Consider all these ways you would rather spend your time and money. Satisfy the Craving Safely You really can keep the fun in shopping while keeping more money in your wallet. Your friends and family can be a great help in this area.

Shop with a friend who is also trying to save money and both can act as a reality check for each other. Instead of buying new, check out local thrift stores and garage sales. Many thrift stores also support philanthropy or local charities: Goodwill, one of the most widely known, supports employment and job training programs.

The Society of St Vincent de Paul also uses proceeds for works of charity. Act as a personal shopper for someone who recently changed jobs and needs a new wardrobe or moved and wants to redecorate the new place. You can help them browse, compare, choose and buy without spending a dime, and they will appreciate the shopping help and the second opinion on their purchases. If you shop with friends for the social experience or if your friends are shopaholics too, host a clothing swap.

Donate leftover items to charity. If There Is A Will, There Is A Way By incorporating these strategies; avoiding any instances that you would be tempted, taking control of your money and money spending habits, pausing before you purchase and making any purchase you do make safe, you will indefinitely lose the title of shopaholic.

Not to mention, thousands of other people who are suffering from being shopaholics will have one more person to look up to. One of my friends was telling me about a unique debt solution that is used to help debt burdened citizens in Scotland.

I started doing some research to help answer some of my Scottish trust deed questions. Here are some of the answers I came up with. A trust deed is set up by a third party based on your specific circumstances. The trust deed reduces the amount of debt you owe and creates a contract between you and your creditors for you to pay back your debts over a year period. To be eligible, you have to be a Scottish citizen and demonstrate that you have more debts than you can afford.

As far as I can tell, the main disadvantage is that your credit will be ruined for at least several years. Other potential disadvantages would be that you could lose some of your real assets like your car or house in some situations. A trust deed is a contract that only covers your unsecured debts. If you have debts that are based on real assets — like your home or car, a trust deed will not resolve those debts.

Like any service, it costs money to enter into this contract. Hopefully the money you save will more than offset the costs of the service.

Fortunately, the costs are part of the contract and the service fees come out of the contributions you make to the trust. You are obligated to pay the agreed upon contract payments. If you stop payment or go into default the trustee has the right to freeze your bank accounts and perhaps sequester you to the courts for resolution. The amount of money that you can afford to pay is calculated by looking at your income and then subtracting the payments from all of the secured debts that you owe.

The amount that is left over is used to compute how much you can afford to pay each month. Government budgeting is a joke! Now that the latest government shutdown is taking place and everyone is up in arms, it seems like an appropriate time to share a few thoughts about how ridiculous government budgeting has become. You can always make an argument for or against these points, but I hope you find them interesting and thought provoking.

What I mean is that, normally, if you own or work for a business your budget is tied to your income and to your bottom line. The goal of a budget is to make sure you are profitable at the end of the day. The rule is that over the long term, you will eventually get out of debt and run your company in the black.

The same can be said for a household budget. While you may get behind some times, the general rule is that you spend less than you earn, or at least close. First of all, the government spends somewhere in the range of two dollars for every dollar it earns. No budget can ever work under these circumstances. Just imagine if you did that at home, or your business took that approach. In the past, the government was run with much smaller deficits, but the short term outlook by members over the past several decades have completely disregarded any of the historical rules that drive traditional budgeting.

Think about how ridiculous this methodology is! That someone should fix it. That someone is big government. Also, think about what goes through most voters minds when they are voting. If they are given the option of the government paying for more of their needs or less, where will they vote? And of course there are also the big abusers of the government programs. The people using welfare to buy drugs.

Or those unwilling to look for a job because they can get what they need for free. While some of these are a bit on the extreme side, I hope that most would agree that entitlements are a big part of the problem with government budgeting.

Leave us your comments — good or bad — about what you think about government budgeting. You can start saving now, and you can do more than putting your change in a jar with clip art of a mortarboard taped to it. Here are a few ways to get started now. Most plans are sponsored by a state, but in general you can enroll in any regardless of what state you or the beneficiary lives in. A plan is a tax-deferred savings account, giving it an edge over putting the money in an ordinary savings account and earmarking it for college expenses.

Withdrawals are also tax-free as long as they are used for qualified educational expenses. Many states offer additional incentives with a plan, most commonly a deduction on your state income taxes so you may want to find a tax calculator to determine that. In addition, the account owner can change the beneficiary of the account without penalty if the new beneficiary is an eligible family member of the original beneficiary. Qualified education expenses for a Coverdell ESA are not limited to postsecondary education but also include any K educational expenses, making it ideal for those hoping to send children to a particular school that might otherwise be financially out of reach.

The Coverdell ESA also has an age limit, while most plans do not; the balance of the Coverdell ESA must be disbursed on qualified expenses before the beneficiary reaches age If not, the remainder is subject to additional taxes and penalties.

Socking away cash for college far in the future can be especially difficult for those struggling to make ends meet now. Instead, you can save for college by earning rewards on regular everyday purchases. Upromise is an account you can set up to earn cash back when you shop at partner stores, including many grocery stores, drugstores, clothing retailers and hundreds of online retailers.

In addition, you can invite family and friends to link to your account and contribute cash back on their purchases.

The money from your Upromise account can be disbursed into a or high-yield savings account. When the time comes, you can use the account to pay tuition or request a check to use for living expenses.

Perhaps the wisest choice for parents hoping to provide an education for their children is to invest in their retirement. Many adults are just beginning to really think about the financial reality of retirement when their children are preparing to leave the nest.

Most companies offer some level of matching funds to employees who direct-deposit a portion of each paycheck into their k. Regular savings into your own retirement account will help ensure your own financial stability and put you in a better position to assist your child in covering the costs of higher education. Paying for college is a constant worry for many students and their families.

Advanced planning is key; financial stability has to precede college savings, but the two are not mutually exclusive. There are options for those in all income brackets to help students prepare for college, financially at least. The rest is up them. The term budget can send a chill down the spine of the average consumer. We like to think that our paychecks will accommodate our basic needs as well as our hobbies and personal interests.

This belief runs hard against the realities of a slow economy where people have to work multiple jobs just to stay afloat.

Creating a personal or household budget might seem like a big deal but the process is simplified when thinking about legitimate reasons to manage earnings.

A great reason to start a budget is to keep more of your weekly pay. Imagine how much money the average person spends on snacks, coffee, and other frivolous items. Each purchase might be a dollar or two but these dollars add up when purchases are made each day. These purchases along with poor decisions on major purchases like health insurance and transportation can eat into take-home pay. You can hold onto more of your money by creating a reasonable budget for your monthly income.

Your weekly, monthly or annual budget can anticipate unforeseen problems that we all experience. A lost job without savings means a cycle of loans and credit card usage that leads to heavy debt down the road.

An effective budget sets aside money each paycheck to anticipate these problems. Individuals and couples looking to move up from their current economic status find budgeting very beneficial. You can use a household budget to set money aside for renovations or repairs to an older home.

A budget is useful for anyone who has a steady job and is looking to purchase a condo or home instead of renting an apartment. Your budget might be used to balance monthly expenses with tuition bills for a first college degree or graduate school. Budgeting your paychecks can also make room for a down payment or monthly payments on a new vehicle. Another good reason to start a budget is to anticipate the high costs of raising kids. A smart move for aspiring parents is to spend some time before having children sticking to a reasonable budget that accounts for the aforementioned costs.

This budgeting warm-up allows parents to get comfortable with expenses and set money aside early in the process.

The ability to retire after decades in the workplace also depends on budgeting. Potential issues with Social Security payments as well as dwindling pension opportunities offered by employers means that workers have to take retirement planning into their own hands.

This approach means that a retiree will have a safety net in this doomsday scenario but should have a sizable nest egg in more realistic scenarios. The business budgeting process begins several months before the budget needs to be finalized. Also, there is a lot of time spent doing multiple reiterations of the budget that are also very time consuming. In the end, you need to get both top management and every last employee to buy into the numbers if you want it to work.

We start the budgeting process by getting the sales and expense forecasts from each department manager. This takes a couple of weeks. The best way to get managers to comply is to give them an easy to understand template that you can easily incorporate into your final budget template. Of course you should offer to sit down with anyone that wants your help or requires any explanations of how to forecast or budget. Also, you should give guidelines for them to follow.

For example, you may be experiencing a slowdown in sales and you need managers to reduce costs year over year. Or maybe, you have lots of growth in the forecast so you want to stress the items needed to reach that growth.

Whatever the end goal of your budget, you should give as much guidance to the managers as you can. Of course there are two sides to a budget. The business budget that management wants, which always includes higher sales and higher profitability.

That brings us to the next part of the budget process. Gathering the information and finding middle ground. As a budget analyst, you need to try to bridge the gap between all involved parties. That means finding out the final requirements of executive management and using negotiation and a higher starting point to get both sides to agree.

Many companies do this in Excel. Our company uses a hosted software solution known as Adaptive Planning. In the Adaptive Planning Budget Software, each revenue and expense line item is entered once.

It is entered directly into the cost center or profit center that it occurs. Profit and cost centers are typically the same as departments. For example, there is a profit center for sales they have profit and there is a cost center for Finance and HR they have only costs. Profit centers also have cost centers assigned to them, but for the most part I hope you can get the idea. In our budgeting program, we can save multiple versions of the budget and it will automatically summarize and report the data as it is changed real time.

In Excel, you would have to just save different versions and create the summary pages that you desire. The next step is to have the executive management team review the budget. They will provide feedback as to where you need to increase, decrease, align, improve or reduce something, and you can then circle back to the manager of that area and further negotiate the required changes.

Many people struggle with how much money to spend during the holidays. Making a holiday or Christmas budget is a great way to help you control costs during these times. Quantify Your Holiday Budget. This is something most people already do. For example, our family sets a dollar amount per person for buying gifts. Some families set an overall dollar amount to make their holiday budget.

This is the part that most people do, but this is also the place where most people go wrong. Here are some of the other spending that you should include in your budget. Gifts are one of the larger expenses for many families. Most people start with a ballpark budget for gifts and then, as the holiday gets closer, they get excited and outspend their gift allotment.

In my case, when I struggle finding a gift for someone, my tendency is to increase the price range. Keep your gift giving simple and set hard and fast budgets and you can help reduce overspending. Food is sometimes the biggest expense for some families and is often overlooked when creating a holiday budget. Not only do people splurge on buying treats and exotic foods, but people tend to go out to eat more often during the holiday season. Sending out holiday cards can be very costly.

Especially if you make custom cards and have a big list. I find that when I am out holiday shopping and enjoying all of the decorative shopping malls and store displays, that I am more likely to spend money. I feel like the holiday itself is a way to justify spending more money. Try not to let this happen and you can help save your budget. Do you have some tricks that help you stay on budget during the holidays?

Please share them if you do. In difficult economic times, we all spend considerable time figuring out how to make our paychecks last longer without giving up essentials. Earning additional money can be difficult when part-time jobs are unavailable and temporary positions are too fleeting for reliable earnings.

Your family can develop a checklist of 25 methods of saving money that can turn pennies into dollars over time. An important step toward saving money is to think about every purchase made on a daily basis and determine whether that purchase is important. An easy way to save money is to cut down on expensive food purchases. You can pack lunches each day with affordable fruits, vegetables and small snacks that are more affordable per item than fast food.

On occasions where dining out is required, choosing lunch rather than dinner portions equals a few dollars saved per meal. The best bet when saving money on food is to always make food rather than paying for the convenience of fast-food or casual dining restaurants. Apparel, shoes, and fashion accessories can be costly for tight budgets.

The latest fashions might seem out of reach but a few shrewd moves can yield an affordable wardrobe. A trip through the local secondhand store might highlight dress shirts, pants, and accessories donated by people moving out of the area.

You can shop at your favorite retailer but simply wait after new releases to find shoes, underwear, and other apparel on clearance. Families can keep kids clothes if they anticipate new members of the family or to swap with neighbors. You can also arrange a clothing swap with your friends and family to share fashions without spending a dime.

A few sensible changes to your household routine can also contribute to greater savings. Your heating and air conditioning system can rack up high costs during temperature extremes.

You should lower your heating and air conditioning when out of the house while keeping use moderate when at home. The electric bill can be reduced by planning your laundry and dishwashing routine.

A fully loaded dishwasher or washing machine is more cost-efficient than a hastily filled machine. Thanks for all the information!!! I know you said IdealShape is not comparable to Shakeology nutritionally…. But if I was to still use it I have two huge containers left!!

Or is there no way to infuse it with this program??? The Fix is designed to get you eating healthy by being strict and consuming only ingredients found on the diet list, so to use something else would not be beneficial to your overall results.

What about the Isagenix Lsalean Meal replacement shakes? From what I have read they are very similar to Shakeology so could they be infused with the 21 day fix as a red??

Maybe, yellow and red container, limiting to three times a week. Hi Bethany, Thank you for the time you put into this eating plan. It is such a help! Shakeology uses whey protein, Bodykey uses soy protein. I would rather drink whey every day. Bodykey also uses stevia. Shaekology uses non-GMO fructose and stevia. The sodium count in Bodykey is mg, while Shakeology is mg — that is a substantial difference. And, Shakeology uses Himalayan salt, which is a naturally harvested salt with its own set of health benefits.

Negligible amount, but not a great thing to see on a health food shake. Shakeology is a true health food shake and contains a huge list of superfoods, which all have their own unqiue health benefits to make you feel better than ever. There are no superfoods in Bodykey, although they have some probiotics in there. I am weird when it comes to daily supplements, so I would definitely opt for Shakeology over Bodykey because I happen to like their ingredient list better.

Bodykey does have a lot of vitamins and minerals on their list, but for me, sugar alcohol as a second ingredient is not very impressive for a so-called healthy, meal replacement shake. I know from my own experience that Shakeology helps me feel good, recover more quickly, and stay on track — I drink it every morning with my frozen fruit and love it.

Then had surgery and just ordered the 21 day fix to get back into working out. What do you suggest? Thanks for your time: Yes, I think using the containers with any program is a wonderful idea. As for the second round with containers, it is probably a combination of both. In a second round you will be in better shape so you can push harder during the workouts too.

Hi, I am on the calorie plan- started out really well- eating the container amounts of food- losing what I hoped I would. Is it not a good idea to cut out those containers- of course that would put me below for the day- any suggestions would be most appreciated. Slow and steady is the way to keep the weight off for good. The first week I lost 5 pounds I want to lose 15 and am in the calorie range. Second week and into 3rd have only lost another 2.

Would like to know what you would advise? Hi, I would recommend eating the amount of calories that the eating guide says. Eating below calories a day is never recommended as it is not enough calories to support your internal organ to function properly.

I am started 21 day fix and I loved your meal plan. I was just wondering if you had recipes for the food? I have a problem getting my protein in and enjoy the taste and recipes you can do with P28 products! Ive also seen some recipes that use PB2 which I also have on hand, how would that be counted??

The Fix diet wants you eating certain whole foods for the most part. Will I fail on this diet. I would never have a plate with steamed vegetables on it! Hi Kelly, Corn is not a vegetable it is a complex carbohydrate. Do you like veggies raw or roasted, there are a lot of vegetables that I do not like steamed, that I enjoy roasted with olive oil. Maybe, this is something you could experiment with. I am wondering about the grey box you have.

Are there portions for these things as well? I am unsure about how to incorporate them into their plans. Hi Heather, The grey box is the teaspoon foods from the 21 Day Fix portion approach eating plan.

Honey, is that considered a yellow or a teaspoon? Also how long should we wait between 1st and 2nd or subsequent rounds of the 21 days or can we just continue seamlessly? Ah, this brings to question: When I complete the 21 day fix, if during that time I weigh and lost say 5 lbs, do I have to readjust the calorie fix?

Yes, you would need to adjust your calorie level to your new weight for continued weight loss. Can you tell me how the Almond Breeze Coconut Milk, unsweetened can fit into the diet? Is it considered a protein or a carb? There are only 45 calories per cup so I am not sure where it would fit in. I see in your blog the question about what color container coconut milk is.

Your shopping list shows it in Blue but your responses are Yellow. Hi Tonya, This post should be used as a companion to the eating plan the program comes with. The eating plan goes into much more detail than I could ever cover.

The blue is for canned coconut milk. The yellow is for carton, but there is a weekly limit on these. So if you make your shake with unsweetened almond milk does this count as one yellow carb for the almond milk and one red protein for the shake? How much almond milk counts as a yellow? How can you lose the weight at eating calories at a higher amount than what we have always be taught?

For example 56 yes old and eat calories… Thank you. Hi, If you are consuming between calories a day and burning a day, you would lose about one pound a week.

And, you are right, the marketing propaganda has made weight lose a much more complex situation than it should be. If I am pounds how many calories do I need to burn a day to lose weight? The above comment confused me. Hi Dianna, A calorie deficit a day through diet, ecerise, or diet and exercise to cause about a 1 pound loss of fat over the course of a week.

You have to take into account your metabolism and activity level, not only your body weight to create a daily calorie estimate. The program does include the simple equation you need an I will be writing a blog post shortly about it. I just ordered the program. Based on my weight I will be in the lowest calorie bracket but my husband will be in the highest calorie bracket. Suggestions on how to make food for both of us at the same time with such a big difference in portions for things?

Hi Bethany, I have learned a lot from your blog! Just one question though, would I be able to use a little Stevia or raw sugar maybe a teaspoon or so in my morning coffee? THanks for all the info. Im starting the program tomorrow. Wondering if is ok if i work out first thing in the morning then drink the shakeology shake?

In other words is it ok to work out on an empty stomach? I had gastric bypass 15 months ago…94 lbs gone. Can eat whatever I like now,….. BUT, protein for most important nutrition factor. Will this work for me? I hope this helps! Hi, loving your blog, really informative. Just a couple of questions — when measuring the rice has it been cooked first? And is cows milk semi skimmed allowed and if so what category does it fit in and how many fl oz can you have?

Rice is measured out after cooking. I want to try the 21 day fix my only problem is I have had restrictive weight loss surgery and I know I will not be able to eat as many of the containers I am supposed to do you think this program could still work for me?

That being said, Nicole how far out from surgery are you? If you are still within a year out I would suggest that you just stick with the meal plan that your surgeon has given you.

You may do the exercises if you want to purchase this program and getting moving will help you tremendously. Hi, I am planning on starting the 21 day fix postpartum. For example, a recipe would say it is 1 red, 2 green etc. Once it is all mixed together, it would make the portions off, would it not?

I ask because I will not have time to be making separate meals for everyone with 2 under age 2! Hi Nat, most of the recipes will have serving sizes, so a recipe would use say three containers per serving. You would eat your serving size and mark down the containers. In your example, if a recipe used only 1 red and two greens, I would double, triple, etc the recipe so it makes enough to serve your family.

Hope that makes sense. You would count the mustard greens as green and turnip as yellow. I have tried Shakeology and live it and have noticed a difference in my energy and overall health. However , it can get costly so I have been trying Fitmiss Deliight … What are your thoughts?

Shakeology also keeps your digestive system regular, which also helps heighten energy levels. I currently do PiYo and I have a shake every morning. I do 8oz of unsweetened vanilla coconut almond milk and slightly less than one scoop of shakeology. I have the Arbonne shakes and do not want them to go to waste, how does it compare to the Shakeology? I am really interested in the 21 day fix plan. I am in the calorie range. But, I read a comment from you previously that said if you want to lose, eat less…..

I am trying to lose weight so should I down to the next level of calorie range? I do workout daily if that makes a difference. Hi Christina, I rephrased my previous comment, that was not my intent for it to be taken that way. You are good at the calorie range for weight loss.

The diet plan goes into more depth about the cxlore ranges for different goals. While looking at the different information available online about calorie intake, I noticed that my target caloric intake is over calories higher than calories a day.

Am I going to feel starved out on this program? Is there anyway to adjust the calories a day? HI Aj, If you calorie target to maintain your current body weight is calories, calories would be a good starting place for weight loss. And, yes you can adjust the number of calories once you get a feel for the program. But, first it would best to use the program as it is designed before tweaking it to meet your needs.

I understand that shakeo counts as a protein but should one use the protein grams on the back of the bag? Or is shakeo already counted as a red? Hi Dee, a scoop counts as a red container. You are right a scoop would not fit in a red, but that is what it is counted as. Just one of those things.

So much great info! Hi Jennifer, that is tough. But you can make it work. Here are a few ideas. Try not to eat large meals on the nights you work, keep healthy snacks handy if possible, prepare what you are going to eat before your shifts start, go light on carbs and higher in protein and healthy fats. And, be sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water through out the night.

Hi Sky, it is going to be hard to follow without the containers or workouts. But, do your best, stick to a whole food diet and you will be headed in the right direction. I have purchased the 21 day fix with shakeology. I work 12 hour shifts,making a fully balanced meal plan a bit difficult.

Are there any suggestions to bes divide up the 5 meals throughout my day? Hi Cyndi, You use the containers tp portion your meals or snacks. Protein is red, berries are purple. Hi Joann, It will work, you just need to stick with it and if you have to make adjustments until it does work. Hi Sarah, your results will be different. But, I mean if you eat a piece of cake everyday durring the program your results would be different too.

I have a question about family meals. I stay home with my 2 young boys and want them eating healthier, but I have no idea where to start as far as caloric intake, portions with them, etc. Is there a resource you know of that has reliable information for how to calculate their daily needs? Do you think I need to be as strict with them as far as portion sizes?

Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated! Hi Meghan, You should not have to restrict the portions. Hi I just ordered 21 day fix. Unfortunately Shakeology is very expensive but I do have a nutribullet and make my own kale shakes will that work for the moment?

If not what can I use? You will have to break down the ingredients in the kale shake down to what they would count as in the containers. Going to try the 21 Day Fx Challenge Pack glad to here the pack contains Shakeology too, looking forward to posting back here on my results. Particularly referring to ingredients and the expense. Just a suggestion I have really. Why not point out that when u order the challenge pack it includes the Shakeology?

I mean a bag of Shakeology costs almost the same. I only say this because I balked at the price too, til my coach made the above suggestion.

Even my joints feel better!! Hi Danielle, Glad to hear Shakeology is working so well for you, I got my botfriend to start drinking it too and he said the same thing as you, that his joints felt better and were not cracking as much. With the different colour containers and foods for each container, do you decide on what to eat for each meal? Basically you create you own recipe?

Hi Danielle, Yes the 21 Say Fix is flexible in that it wants you to be able to eat what you enjoy. So you get to be creative, and it does come with a fex basic recipes to get you going.

Hi Kathy, black coffee is best. Splenda is artificial sweetener and is not recommended. A tsp of organic coconut oil is what I recommend to people. I would just need some clarification on the serving for this program…. Great website— thank you. Hi Rose, yes it is a cooked cup, so half a yellow dry, will come out to a full yellow when cooked. I start the program on Monday October 13 and I purchased shakeology but the individual bags does that count as one scoop like if I would have the container??

Hi Gaby, yes the individual bag servings are a red container. To get a little more bang for your buck you could order a day bag and seperate out servings into your own plastic bags. Hello- looking at your shopping list. Hi Kimberly, whole grain cereals only.

You can usually find these in the health food section at your grocery store. Hi Tania, after doing some research on Optifast, I would strongly advise against drinking it. It not only has two different sugars listed in the top three ingredients, it also has a lot of chemicals you should not be putting into your body…especially every day for breakfast.

If you do want want to purchase Shakeology, just buy a pure whey protein powder and add in some fruit to your daily shake.

Im thinking of trying the 21 day fix. I have been doing some research. Also, im thinking about doing different cardio classes throughout the week instead of doing her workouts. What do you think Bethany. Hi Pam, Shakeology and idealShape are different in ingredients. You do not have to followe her workouts to follow the portion control eating plan. One being I hate Greek yogurt, so what do you do about the foods suggested that I hate?

How about exercise, does the exercise I do on my own power walking three miles a day count as exercise? Or does it have to be her exercises only. Does my calorie intake go up if I exercise more or less?

Can I eat what I make for my family or do I have to eat differently? Also, I hate artificially sweetners refuse to put into my body, what to do about that. Thanks for your time in advance. Hi Victoria, you do not have to eat greek yogurt, that is just a sample of what I would normally eat. I would suggest not eating the foods you hate and opt for a foods in that category that you enjoy. Power walking is exercise.

You might not have the same results if you only did the walking as the 21 Day Fix is cardio and strength training. Calorie intake depends on your goals, if you want to lose weight you eat what the 21 Day Fix program recommends for containers, maintain or gain eat more, the guide book that comes with the program contains all of this information.

The whole family should be able to eat foods from the 21 Day Fix eating plan. What exactly is shakeology? Is their protein in it? I want to try the 21 day fix, however I would complete my workout first thing in the am, so should I have a protein right after?

Hi Michelle, if you search Shakeology on my sidebar, you will get a few blog posts all about it. But, yes it contains protein. I use it as a meal replacement for breakfast during the week.

And, I do think everyone should get in some protein post workout, especially after workouts that are strength based. I have type 1 diabetes and this is the only balanced program out there that helps me to be very aware of the portions as I try to lose weight. I gained a lot of weight after major surgeries on my feet and because I couldnt move, I gained.

I use an insulin pump and this program is very carb couner friendly because of the portion sizes you can easily figure out the carbs to take a dose of insulin. I did a lot of research on this diet before I purchased it— definitely a great diet for people with BOTh types of diabetes. Do you know how greek yogurt with fruit counts? Hi Amy, Greek yogurt with added fruit is not allowed. I just wanted to say Thank You for all the good info on the 21 Day Fix.

I am awaiting shipment of my 21 day fix. Hello, A friend and I are going to start the 21 day fix and could not be more excited. However neither of us can afford to order the shakeology. I looked into alternatives and one of them was Garden of Life Raw organic protein. Will this have the same affect of shakeology?

Hi Ashley, the ingredients are not the same. Also, nutritionally Shakeology looks to be way ahead of the Garden of Life, probably why you see the differance in price. This seems to be more of a protein shake then a total meal replacement. Whole foods are always going to be best. I like to describe Shakeology as the missing link that fills in nutrtional gaps, but it is never going to make up for a poor diet.

In the end, Shakeology like the Garden of Life are supplements to your diet, not necessities. Hi Bethany — is it ok to move down a calorie level while on the plan? Hi Beverly, no absolutely do not move down levels. If you drop calories to low your body may go into starvation mode and instead of dropping weight your body will actually store body fat as a survival mechanism.

Plus, in the long term the best way to lose and keep weight off is slow and steady. I just started the day fix and I really like it so far. I ordered the chocolate Shakeology but it seems to be really not agreeing with my stomach.

Can I exchange it for the vegan? HI Patricia, the return policy is days. All information is on the receopt that canme with your order. My caloric intake is off the chart so I round down to Along with portions, my real problem is what and when I eat. What is the problem with not eating all the food? According to the calculations my calorie intake should only be Do I need to limit the amount of containers that I eat being that the grid starts on a calorie intake? Hi Julie, no you need to round up to calories.

Consuming less calories for an extended amount of time can cause damage to internal organs. I understand that other protein powder does not have the same nutritional value and does not come close. However can it be used as a red? I am just wondering because I can not afford shakeology right now but need a quick and easy meal for breakfast. Hi Kathryn, yes a protein shake is red.

Having a shake for breakfast to replace a meal, you want to look for a shake that contains protein sources from a couple different sources and be sure to mix or have something else to eat too, as a single protein shake will not keep you full for very long.

It sounds gross but its really good.. Precut your fruit and you can grab ad go. Its a fast one. GNC makes a pre-bottled protein shake called Lean Shake You need to be careful with these ready made drinks as they are often high in sugars and use lower quality protein sources.

When I get a scoop of shakeology the scoop itself counts as one red, correct? Then anything I add in such as milk, berries, etc would just correspond to the colors they fit with right? I also want to know can shakeology just be made with water as a snack, and if so is it still a whole scoop or half?

Hi Andi, Shakeology by itself is a red container. I would consider it a snack if you made it with just plain water, it would be a whole scoop of Shakeology that you would use. If you did mix in other foods you would count the corresponding food containers.

Hope that helps, Bethany. Straight out of the 21 day fix book is a recipe that states the recipe of the Almond Paradise Shakeology drink as 4 fluid oz of unsweetened almond milk, 4 fluid oz of water, 1 tsp all natural almond butter, 1 scoop of strawberry or tropical strawberry vegan shakeology, and ice 8 oz glass of ice.

Blended together is one red, one yellow and one teaspoon. So you can be creative but you just have to account for what you intake. If she is doing 8 oz she does count it as a yellow. I love Shakeology but today a friend is taking me to a new Herbalife Shake shop. Would I count the shake as a red container? Hi Tonya, looking at the harbalife shake nutrtion profile, it looks like you would need to drink two shakes and even then you are not getting the same amount of nutrtition.

It looks like these shake also contain fructose and dextrose, two fast acting carb sources. It would be best drink something like this immediatley aftrer your workout. Most people get their recommended iodine from iodized table salt. How would a person compensate for that? The diet is pretty restrictive on iodine rich foods such as dairy products. Seafood, dairy foods that are not processed can get you the daily amount of iodine the body needs. If you are overly concerned, you might want to take a look at a mulitivitamin that contains iodine.

I did look into the multivitamin option. Unfortunately, only a little less than half of the multivitamins out there actually contain the recommended dose of iodine. This is important to me because I suffer from hypothyroidism.

Just one half of a teaspoon of iodized table salt meets the recommended daily amount. Is that out of the question for the 21 day fix? Hi Tiawana, no not at all. Like I said the 21 df wants you to cut out the processed foods that have salt added to them. You should always listen to your doctor. I know this post was a while ago but I feel I need to respond to this. Most foods we eat contain iodine in them. I have no thyroid due to thyroid cancer and had to go on a low iodine diet before having a radioactive iodine treatment.

This was an extremely restricted diet. Same thing with tofu products. Breads were off limits unless i made my own because most of them contain ingredients that have iodine in them. Obviously any seafood and also some fruits and vegetables. And this is just a small sampling of the entire list.

If hypothyroidism is a concern then you should probably be taking a thyroid replacement such as synthroid. I thought you could only have milk 3x a week? Hi Heather, This is just a companion post to the meal plan to give people ideas. My wife is allergic to ALL fresh fruit and gluten. My question is, what should we substitute for her fruit portions, and can she eat gluten free pasta, bread, crackers, tortillas, etc in liu of regular whole grain products? Also, are we not allowed any sugar or salt?

Hi Tiffany — eating gluten-free versions of foods should be fine — or you can opt for naturally GF grains like quinoa, oats, amaranth, millet, rice, etc. Just try to opt for things without refined sugars in them or unhealthy chemicals. As for fruits, if she has OAS, she could eat cooked fruits or canned versions if she is able to tolerate it — it all depends on the severity of her allergy. There are ways to incorporate the health benefits of fruits, you just will have to do some research and be a little creative.

And no, sugar and salt are not allowed — remember this diet plan is to get you eating healthier for life, not just for three weeks.

I hope this helps. On the 21 day fix infomercial it claims you can have dessert and wine as long as you eat in moderation of your colored containers…is that not correct? Hi Marie, There is 21 Day Fix approved desserts, they are treats not everyday finds though. I notice in your schedule that you only have one yellow on the days you drink Shakeology. Is hat because you make it with milk. I was thinking of making it with unsweetened almond milk which would be a red and a yellow—is that right?

Hi Tori, I doubled the yellow container at dinner on Monday through Friday. And, yes you are right, you can count Shakeology with almond milk as a red and yellow. I am not sure why you would only be allowed one yellow a day. Even in the lowest caloric intake level of calories, you get 2 a day. Stick with Autumn original plan and check out pinterest for 21 day fix and you will get some really good info! Shakeology is a red not a yellow.

Like the article says, I did two yellow containers at dinner. If you blend it with almond milk yellow you do need to account for it. I drink it like that everyday. I use 1 red, 1 yellow and 3 purpels. This works great for me. I will be starting this program on Monday the 1st and just doing as much research as I can before hand. I was wondering why you would use 3 purples for the shake? I would recommend only to mix in one purple fruit container at a time with the shakes.

Thank you for your blog! I have recently purchased the 21 day fix and I am having a hard time getting started with the meal plan and containers. I love your demo up top with options of how to lay out the plan. My question is can you tell me your time line for when you start breakfast and what time your last meal is? Also do you have a suggestion for me because I work nights on Friday Saturday and Sunday. Just curious if you have any suggestions on how to approach the meal plan for that schedule.

Hi Carolyn, great questions. I have breakfast aorund 7 in the morning, I try to sneak in a snack around 11, lunch at 2, another snack on the ride home and then dinner around 7 as my last meal. I just ordered the program but did not get the shakeology. What are some breakfasts that would work instead of the shakeology?

I usually just make my own fruit smoothie in the morning, will that work just as well? Hi Martina, the portions are pretty generous honestly. But, the real take away from the program is, it teaches how to eat a well balanced diet. I had the same question. You advertise its about the portions but I need to know what each color container equals.

Hi Theresa, I guess you could add water to each container and measure them out that way, probably would not be exact, but give you a good estimate. I am lactose intollerant…I am guessing the shakes have milk products in them.

Do you get the same results without the shakes? Also will using lactose free products yogurt sadly there is not a lactose free greek yogurt. I know there is a coconut greek style and it is NOT good at all and milk make a difference? Hi Stephanie, Chocolate Vegan, or Tropical Strawberry Vegan Shakeology are made with plant protein instead of dairy, so those two might be okay for you. If you can get the same results, is a hard question to answer.

And, it is really not something to worry about, just do your best and your results will be great! With the lactose free products, you really just want to watch out for added sugar and you should be okay. Have you actually tried Greek yogurt? Yes, it has lactose any real yogurt will but it has less than other styles. Hi what is the white box? Hi Marion, I am not to familiar with the herbalife shakes, I took a quick look at the nutritional values of the vanilla flavor and it looks like you would need to drink at least two to four herbalife shakes to equal the nutrtional values of shakeology.

Thanks for all the great info! Can I have any of the shakeology shakes? I love the Maple Pecan one. Hi Lori, yes Shakelogy is a staple of the 21 df program. Maple Pecan Shakeology sounds so good right now! Can you substitute Shakeology with just normal protein powder? I dont have enough money for both the fix and Shakeology….

Hi Kelly, protein powder is not a replacement for Shakeology. With that said, you can do the 21 day fix without Shakeolgy. Shakeology is recomemended because it has the ability to fill in any nutritional gaps and is very convenient when you are short on time. Eating this mangy fruits and veggies and whole foods it seems very unlikely one would be missing anything.

Telling people that Shakology is the very best option seems very irresponsible to me. Hi Brandy, I am assuming you are reffering to a comment that I replied to. I never say anywhere that the shake is the best option, I said whole foods are the best investment.

I was talking personally about my nutrition in relation to a gap. I would not spend money on a shake that contained these ingredients no matter the price or would I recommend others to.

Can we do a fruit smoothie in the mornings with frozen berries? Thank you so much for this reply!! I have struggled for a year doing Atkins and only loosing 20 pounds. Yes I do workout!

I am going to do this eating whole foods! I am making my list right now! Hi Alison, Usually water, sometimes unsweetened almond milk depending upon what else I am mixing in. Actually I believe Shakeology is the best out there and nothing else can compare to it. Its always an option to do your workout with it, but in my opinion it makes a huge difference in your reulsts.

Hi Bethany, I started the 21 day fix about a week ago. What is your sujestion so can get support? I get n this depress mood I want to just give up.

Hi Joann, The scale is not the best for actually measuring results. I prefer pictures and measurements. If you think it is working, it is! Just take it one day at a time, and you will get there. Hi Lena, unfortunately, there is currently no GF diet plan version of the Fix, but you could easily create your own GF diet plan by using items on the very generous food category lists that conform with your dietary restrictions. I hope that helps! Hope this helps, and good luck whether you decide on the Fix or on another plan.

I am finding it really easy doing this gluten free. Partially because going gluten free did mean cutting out a lot of carbs. That being said I am exploring even more foods since starting this. Quinoa, amaranth making homemade polenta makes great pizza crust lots of optuons for sure.

I am 71 years and soon to be 72, i am quite heavy and have a lot of medical problems with heart,kidneys,and lungs , i cannot do the exceriseing like other people, what can i do to get in that portion of the 21 day fix, i have just started this 2 days ago and so far i am impressed with the fullness that i feel but would like to have some recipes to help guide me in the proper way to prepare them , would like very much if y9ou could help me, also i dont drive so there is a problem with me getting to the store, coouldi use the canned fruit that is in its own juice or no sugar added , that type of thing.

Hi Carol, Unfortunately, you really need fresh or frozen fruit. Canned fruit has nearly no nurtitional value as the canning process destroys most of the nutrients. Here is the link to my profile if you like to follow me https: Carol, I just wanted to add that anything you do is better than doing nothing.

If all you can get is canned fruit than it is better than snacking on chocolate chip cookies or potato chips! I understand where Bethany is coming from but you have to do the best you can do with what you have.

While fresh fruits and vegetables will always be best for you, as long as you watch what you eat and keep moving, you should be able to take off some of that weight. Try calling your local city or community help center. They might also have organic farmers that do the same. Hi Bethany I want to try tbe 21 day fix but im not sure its right for me. Hi, Results will vary by individual. The people I see that get the best results are those who follow the diet as is and push themselves in the workouts.

Im soon to be starting 21 day fix. Also, ordered the shakeology box with the individual packets. I am a little confused, so if I make a full packet am I supposed to fill a red cup? Or am I suppose drink the whole smoothie?

If I drink the whole smoothie does it have to be substituted for any other cups besides the red? Hi Rena, Yes, one packet counts a red container, no need to measure it out. You would also count any other foods that you add with their corresponding colored containers. If you have not started yet contact a Beachbody coach and ask about the deal! Thanks for pointing that out Alexis.

Here is the order link to the deal, seems to happen every months. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You may also like. My 3 Day Quick Fix Guide for the LiLi February 26, - 2: Bethany Lyn February 26, - 2: Allie February 9, - Bethany Lyn February 9, - 4: Jose June 29, - 8: Bethany Lyn June 29, - 8: Kharla January 11, - Bethany Lyn January 11, - Caitlyn May 12, - 5: Bethany Lyn May 12, - 6: Sue October 17, - 8: Bethany Lyn October 18, - 8: Bethany Lyn April 24, - 6: Deidre October 16, - 2: Bethany Lyn October 17, - Ros August 18, - 4: Bethany Lyn August 19, - 9: Cherie Roberts August 10, - 2: Bethany Lyn August 11, - 7: Liz Hernandez July 5, - Bethany Lyn July 5, - 1: Chantelle June 23, - Bethany Lyn June 23, - 2: Ruby June 17, - 5: Bethany Lyn June 18, - 9: Jessie May 19, - Bethany Lyn May 24, - 9: At you would be at 2 tsp for the day.

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