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2 Minute Vegan Parmesan Cheese
Hi Slavko, Dan here. After I finish a first time I want to do it again to stay in tip top shape. If adrenaline and challenge is what you are after, you will have plenty of both here. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated! Also, I hate artificially sweetners refuse to put into my body, what to do about that. Go to bed earlier, since otherwise you are putting your body through additional stress.

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I love this site. Great details and ideas for meals. I appreciate all the time you put into this. Can you tell me, when you list the lunch ideas — how do you keep the cheese from going bad over time? Considering it will be in a hot pack and may get soft mushy over time. Also, on your fruit list for lunch, are you assuming dehydrated fruit, different types each day?

Just wondering how you are providing variety with this. Thanks again for clarification. Cheese is best eaten early in the trip, the hotter the temps the sooner you want to work through it.

Usually you are good for at least days. Avoid heat by keeping it in the middle of your pack during the day. I have friends that when in the desert wrap it in the middle of a sleeping bag during the day make sure it is in something strong like a heavy duty freezer bag. As to the fruit: We find that three types of fruit works well. We rotate between dried mango, turkish apricots, and papaya. All unsweetened and unsulfured. But really any type of fruit you like is fine.

Have a good trip, -a. Thanks Alan You are doing a great service to the backpacking community. I am Leary of any soy products that are not organic. Even non GMO soy that is not organic may be dessicated with roundup just prior to harvest. So I would either go organic or switch to another organic protein source. Plenty of organic plant based products out there. Do you pre-cook and dehydrate in advance so that it rehydrates quickly with minimal cook time?

David, the pearl couscous takes a bit longer to re-hydrate but not much longer than the freeze dried veggies. Usually about 10 min soak after boil does it. I noticed you used whole wheat noodles. Are you able to rehydrate these by soaking or do you have to boil them? Hi Pat, good Q. The smaller whole wheat pastas do reasonably well and usually re-hydrate to a decent softness when soaked in boiling water for around 10 min.

The longer the better tho. We typically use the smallest elbows we can find. Whole wheat couscous does really well. For most meals, not just pasta, if you cook in pot, a brief simmer of minutes after boiling before taking it off the stove helps. As vegans planning a thru hike on the AT next April, my wife and i found your blog very informative and encouraging!

Wish I could like your post 10 times. Im also vegan with 5 trips scheduled for the next two months. Cant think on a better way to travel. We stay healthier, and feel much better knowing that our actions are helping out the environment to stay as beautiful as it is for the next generations.

Good luck on the AT and hope to meet you and your wife one day on a hike somewhere. Alan, what is that veggie soup looking meal shown re-hydrating in the pic just below the recipes? Is that the Just Hot Veggies in the Amazon link? Goes on almost every trip. And yes, great on a cold night. And a short a as I am currently trekking out of the country. I suggest you do some more reading on my site. In particularly how much food do I need. That will help you get a starting figure for how many calories of food you need a day.

It tastes so much better than the yellow stuff with synthetic vitamins! So happy to see your post! New to veganism and have been displeased with all of the recipes that use the nutritional yeast. Googling your product NOW! I just tried my first vegan cheese and it was the nutritional yeast flakes that seemed to ruin the taste.

The flakes smelled bad to me and ruined the taste of the cheese. Brewers yeast or nutritional yeast changes its flavor based on the medium it was grown on. Brewers yeast is a bi product of the beer making industry while nutritional yeast can be grown on a variety of different mediums like molasses. First off, I would never use the flakes just because it remindes me of fish food. I live in Israel, and fell in love with Brewers yeast while here a good friend puts it on her popcorn! It came out awful!

I tasted the yeast I bought and found it to have a very pungent strong unpleasant flavor. To me it tasted like processed cheddar cheese.

I went out to the health food store to try a few other brands, and while some were milder none of them had that savory addictive umami flavor of the yeast I buy in Israel. So, yes the flavor has everything to do with the brand and on what medium they grow their yeast. Good luck finding a brand you enjoy! I have cashew meal in the cupboard, do you think that would work?

I want to make this recipe ASAP, as in, the next 10 mins hahaha: Thank you thank you thank you! You can replace almonds with cashews, or May want to add garlic powder to taste. My son is allergic to almonds all nuts really. Do you think the flavor would be significantly affected if I tried this with sunflower seeds??? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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