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Gut-Healing Smoothie Recipe
Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I eaten an obsessively organic diet for 20 yrs and I cannot handle a lot of ANY sugar, natural or not. Which may help clear some tar. What can I substitute? Make sure to drink 8 ozs. I also love ginger so may add some more of that.

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The Best Fat-Burning Breakfast on the Face of The Earth: Green Smoothie

Make up your own. Throw a bunch of spinach, unsweetened coconut milk yogurt, banana, maybe some fruit like raspberries; maybe some protein powder, stevia if it needs to be sweeter, and maybe a drop or two of vanilla or a dash of cinnamon. A year ago I thought my husband was near death, and if standard medicine had anything to do with it, he would be. But I got him to a naturapathic doc, and tho hubbie does NOT follow all the advice given him he still craves sugar , he is functional and there is hope.

You are young; fix your body now! How do you find a good naturopath? She would off the pills and so do I. Sprouts farmers market sells bee pollen in large plastic jars. Wholefoods would also most likely have it. Another use of Coconut oil. I wear hearing aids and they cause my ears to itch.

I mixed some coconut oil and tree tea oil and swab my ears out with that. It has killed the fungus and stopped the itch. Thank you for sharing this.

My little girl wears hearing aids as well. I have her tub the coconut oil but now will add the essential oil. Make sure to choose a coconut milk or almond milk that does not have carrageenan as an ingredient.

Although it gives these milks a creamy texture, it has been known to cause colon cancer. They also include various gums, refined sugar, and natural flavor. Excitotoxins overstimulate brain cells to death. There are over 90 diff. MSG aliases today hidden under diff. I make many nut milks a staple in our house.

I mostly make walnut, coconut, almond, pecan, and cashew. But, have also made Brazil nut, hemp seed, and pumpkin seed. Am in the process of giving up cigarettes which am finding hard. But wondering is there a detox for ur lungs. Which may help clear some tar. I would google the Hoxsey clinc which is now called the Bio-Medical clinic in Tujuana mexico.

There is a hotel you can stay at this side of the border and the van will take you across in the morning. You do need a paasport as they are out of the country. I go there for breast cancer and it is almost gone, naturally. To answer your question, their tonic should be able to help you as it is a detox among so many other healthy things. They dont just handle cancer but ms, and other things.

You can call and talk to a doctor between 8: There is a small cafe on site and they will tell you, after checking all your tests, when you can eat. Take cash as well since some pharmacies, taxies only except cash. The clinic accepts checks from the u. The hotel can set up a pick up at the san diego airport back to the hotel. Hope this helps To your health! I once read that if you shower twice a day for 2 weeks and eat beef and stewed tomatoes once a day, it will curb your cigarette addition.

The beef and stewed tomatoes draw the nicotine out of your cells. The showers wash the nicotine off your skin. I would be interested to know if this works. Best to order organic 5 bag of hemp hearts from Canada. I had heard to only eat bananas very sparingly when trying to heal the gut, is that not necessary?

Bananas are starch and sugar. Use sparingly in smoothies and such. I stopped eating bananas wholesale or slicing them on cereals and such. Use of bananas in making dishes from scratch for sauces, cooking. Best to eat the banaas very ripe. And one a day is acceptable. I use this same recipe except use baby spinach lemons aloe Vera juice and berry flavored stevia vs agave and kale I never mix fruit in my smoothies.

Goggle is my best friend. I have hashimotos and its recommended to cook leafy greens such as kale and spinach to remove most of the goitrenoids which inflame the thyroid.

Would this make any difference to the potency of the shake? Or is there a substitute you could recommend? My naturopath oncologist said to avoid kale with my Hashimotos condition…. Perhaps baby kale or steamed kale may be OK. But do more research. Spinach is Not a member of cruciferea. As well as economical. I have had IBS for years and have tried a lot of different things and nothing helps I am goin g to try this gut smoothie and will let you know the results I started in with IBS.

I do have IBS and the soups with cooked vegetables and bone broth have really helped me. I have eaten some raw garlic from time to time. I also drink alot of water. I take digestive enzyme and probotic, L-Glutamine. I also eat a few prunes every day because of constipation. This has really helped me. We cut out gluten, grains, dairy, egg whites, processed foods, fast foods, sodas, threw out the microwave that was back in I know what yu are thinking….

You would b surprised! There are substitutes for some of those things. Within days his bleeding stopped and the pain on elimination went away! Our bodies are like a machine!

We tend to get into the idea that one therapy or one smoothie or one food or suppkement will do it! It just will not! I thought those with hashimotos or autoimmune conditions should avoid dairy.

That is what a functional medicine dr told me. I notice though that the protein Dr Axe sells contains dairy. Same Down Under as by law milk sold is to be pasteurized. If only we took greater care of our cows. Try four tablespoons of coconut oil a day. The diet is on the internet. I take the Coconut oil and try to stick to stewed meats and cooked greens, or soups. I lost 11 lbs in 2 weeks and am a diabetic. My blood glucose also got much better. Here is my morning every other morning smoothie.

Is this smoothie with all the ingredients i. People who are allergic to bees should not take Bee Pollen. Make sure to drink 8 ozs. As a young mom, that was the first book on health I ever bought.

An older woman I used to know used Vitamin C for her serious reactions to almost everything. Lobelia extract has the same benefit.. Because I am casein allergic, I really need to look for great products that are milk free.

I have the chocolate. It is non GMO, organic, raw, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, it does contain coconut. But do a search for it and check out the label! Loaded with raw sprouted foods and raw probiotics and enzymes. You can use one scoop for a snack or two for a meal.

Dr Axe, I am no expert, and would love your opinion on this product as well as any other fabulous ones for non milk people. Add this to almond milk or your choice and drop in one or two small drops of peppermint essential oil and it just perfects it!

I have been casein intolerant all my life. Makes sense to me. So if I eat homemade custard that has been baked-no problem! Casein is hard to break down but this is a trick that I enjoy doing every once in a while!??? Whoa there, I guess I really got off track on the smoothie powder for a milk free product. The above recipe looks like one I really want to try soon. I am now growing my own little tiny garden with kale and collards that I throw into my smoothies.

I am copying this recipe and buying ginger and adding in my chia seeds ASAP. Anxious to try it. I have leaky gut and am allergic to avacados.

I find most of these recipes contain avacados. Is there any replacement? Kale is the most herbicide ridden vegetable so organic kale is a must when using concentrated amounts…. Kale should should be blanched not drunk or eaten raw. I would guess those having trouble with greens are also in need of iodine. Iodine is essential for the thyroid. Am well past retirement and have very few wrinkles. It is the greens………find a way to add them to your diet. I have IBS and low thyroid. Do you eat iodized salt.

You may need iodine to help the thyroid. Many years ago a law was passed to put iodine in salt because people had no other source for it. You can get iodine as a liquid. Definitely work with a Homeopathic Doctor to establish right amount to take. Also black walnut is high in iodine. One can take 1 tspn or more of the black walnut 3 times daily.

And apply as a compress to the throat, where the body will absorb the organic iodine directly. Plus, learn a relaxtion technique. High emotional upsets leads to increase buring up of the iodine in the body which in turn causes thyroid problems.

Try a swig of organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar. You may need to balance your Hydrochloric Acid content in your stomach. Especially after 40 when you stop producing enough enzymes to break down your foods. Trader Joes carries a Sublingual B you dissolve under the tongue. B vitamins are your nerve food — we need em! I agree t hat some of these greens with bananas in a smoothie can cause bloat serious bowl problems abd stomach upsets.

What d o you do I have celiac and now I think ibs any ideas Tired of trying different things that make me worse. I am true blue to my diet still sick. I understand what you are going through. Please do not add raw greens into smoothies.

With IBS and Celiac disease I would make a bone broth and sip on it during the day, even for breakfast, it is that healing. You will notice a difference. Do not eat any raw greens during this time, just take it easy and only eat boiled greens like broccoli. Give your tummy a break, and slowly add raw greens, like in a salad, only after you feel you can tolerate it.

Also, if you do eat bananas make sure they are very ripe with brown spots as they are much easier to digest. Hope this helps you, I really feel for you. Also, if you eat meat make sure and boil it only. Do not grill it or bake in the oven. It is easier on your stomach and do this in the beginning phases of healing your gut. This along with bone broth and boiling veggies is very healing.

Make sure your meat is grass-fed only. I make a lot of soups and it is incredibly healing. I personally do not eat red meat, but if you do it needs to be boiled not baked. Later on when your gut can tolerate it you can grill and bake it. Same with chicken, and even fish for some people. In my opinion, healing smoothies are for those that already have completed beginning phase of GAPS diet.

Try sipping bone broth for a few days, give your body a rest. Slowly add back in your normal foods you can tolerate. Axe has a ton of information on this site.

It has helped me, and also my mother-in-law who has struggled her whole life with gut problems. This particular recipe is truly for maintenance, not those beginning to heal their gut.

Greens are added later and I agree they are a must at every meal. I eat them way more than anything else, but you must begin to heal your gut first.

Store in mason jars and freeze for soups. By the way, I only use greens in powder form , like Dr. Axe sells, in my smoothies. I feel I do so much better that way than using Kale or Spinach raw. Not everyone with thyroid issues should take iodine. I had an abdominal hernia repaired! Dr said only fat made the golf ball sized lump so just sewed it shut!

By then i have a very bad back ache and it feels like its tearing at my hip area. I do have kind of a large colan and am 72 years old! Have worked hard my life, not ever sitting much but love being a dooer!

I will try the greens smoothies, coconut oil trying to feel like my tummy and colan are not inflamed! I would cleanse my colon. Bone broth, magnesium oxide, high dose vitamin C, senna, stewed prunes, anything to get yourself going.

Maybe ice on tie sore stomach will help. Hope you are doing better. Slippery elm tea and mashmallow root are great for intestinal health. Green smoothies are stupefyingly simple to make and difficult to mess up. This makes them an ideal man food. The protein powder is great for this kind of shake because it acts as a thickener. If you want to make a green smoothie but you are skeptical, here is a beginner-friendly version: At first, it struck me as strange that I would be slurping down a lumpy, green, gelatinous sludge in the morning.

After a few weeks, I outright craved green smoothies in the morning. Green smoothies are detoxifying, and best of all, alkalizing, […]. Abel, it sounds silly, but I never really thought about making smoothies with vegetables before reading this. I alwasy assumed that they would be gross, but I could see how they would be good. Not silly at all, Thomas. Tons of folks are intimidated by drinking green things! Can I use whole raw milk kefir?? Or how about my pure raw liquid whey after I strain my Greek yogurt.

You want to talk about a powerhouse of nutrients that keeps you full most of the day??? Oh…I would add some high vitamin butter fermented cod liver oil with that smoothie…not mixed with but along with. We are palio in this house and feeling great!! Enjoying your website and videos.

Hi Gracie, great ideas! Raw milk kefir is a great option, as is liquid whey. Glad you are enjoying the site; thanks for visiting! My ingredients list is currently as follows:. Hi Bree, Thanks for stopping by. Cinnamon is another great thing to add in and it helps regulate blood sugar — bonus! It does sound simple, but how much liquid milk, water, etc.

I would love your advice on what would be a good addition to them or more probably— is there anything in my recipe that I should remove if I am looking for fat-loss? Here is my current AM smoothie ingredients: I cup frozen organic blueberries, Kale Not sure how much but it fills up the top half of the blender—love this stuff! It is the almond butter I am most unsure about… think it is okay to leave in or should I reduce it? Thanks so much for any feedback you can offer!

Good job on the kale. All looks good but you might want to skip the banana or use half a banana and half a cup of blueberries. See how you feel without it. I was wondering if the kale needs to be steamed first? I tried making a green smoothie with raw kale and got lots of kale chunks. I used my food processor.

I also have an immersion blender. Or do I need to invest in a VitaMix? Thanks for all that you do! Hi Michele, thanks for the question. Raw kale is fine. I have an Oster blender and it seems to work just fine, but Blentec and Vitamix have great track records as well! We have been eating drinking green for about a month my wife, two daughters and myself and we really enjoy it but I am not sure if we are using all the right things but it tastes pretty good.

What are your thoughts on this blend. OK, just made my first ever green smoothie thanks to your suggestions. However, is it supposed to be crunchy? I used spinach, kale, almond milk, water, stevia and milled flax seeds. Delicious taste, however I whizzed in my food processor really crunchy! Love your newsletter and just discovered your blog! Sometimes I like crunchy!

If you want a smoother smoothie, though, you might want to look into getting a Vitamix or a Blentec. Those things are crazy powerful. After watching your fatty coffee video, I got the impression you never ate breakfast in order to maintain your ketogenic fast and keep the fat burning rolling.

Do you use this for lunch or would you sometimes have this in the morning? Think Raw Veggies are Best? Keep your thyroid in good shape http: Hi Don, great question.

Impaired thyroid function can result in fatigue, cold hands and feet, hair loss, poor concentration, trouble losing weight, and short-term memory …. Goitrogenic foods—which interfere with thyroid function—include cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, kale, kohlrabi, mustard, turnips, rutabaga, and cabbage, as well as soy products and millet.

Strawberries, peaches, and spinach are also somewhat goitrogenic. Cooking partially inactivates the goitrogens, except in the cases of soy and millet. Hi Jeff, Great questions. My green smoothies are raw — I believe in the healing and detox power of raw fruits and veggies. But I eat cooked cruciferous veggies, as well. I have no science to support my claim, but I believe adding two glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts to the smoothie will negate any potentially harmful goitrogens. Plain kefir has some sugars just from the nature of its milk base, but it also comes along with a decent amount of protein — more so than the cultured coconut milk does.

Throw in some shredded coconut, cinnamon, BIG handfulls and organic spinach, stalks of organic lacinato kale, and some quality whey protein, and you have yourself a DIESEL breakfast shake. Be prepared for strange looks from coworkers as you slug down these babies! If you can find a reliable source for the eggs, absolutely!

Hi Abel, I like the post and love my veggies and fruit, but how do alkalizing foods burn fat? A quick search through the internet does not reveal much in the way of a good answer.

Your recipes are immensely satisfying and easy to make. Really looking forward to trying these green smoothies in the morning. I just started using hemp protein. Thanks for emailing me the link to this page.

I read about smoothies in your ebook, but never really thought to try it until I came to this page. My wife has been dabbling with juicing and I never could get behind that in taste or theory. I can totally see drinking one of these for breakfast on my way to work. Would a breakfast smoothey need to be green all the time?

And what kind would you recommend in the evening? Smoothies are a great quick meal, but probably not something to replace every meal. Seems to work for me but to each their own. Experimenting is obviously key. Looking for a tried and true fat burning breakfast green smoothie that will keep me satiated. I have been Paleo for nearly 2 years and always have a substantial breakfast. I have just got your recommended smoothie app and the recipes all look delicious.

However, I do not want to lose weight as I have trouble maintaining my current weight. So I would not have this for breakfast, maybe more as a drink with breakfast or a mid morning drink. How long after making it can you leave it to drink? I am 14 years of age in october i will be 15 and in high school. I am lbs. I have trouble eating right but i am willing to accept any challenge to loose thus weight.

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