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But I thought if I could get to something that I could really stick to that was familiar and gave me know the way I could get back down to 1: Weight Watchers Freestyle products come various ranges. The original plan also included one liver meal per week especially for women or an iron supplement was required. I plan on making them again tomorrow if we get a snow day. You could have a different food experience every single day for over two years. Return chicken to pot.

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Welcome..Weight watchers freestyle..

I guess it is my being 42 or something, but I gained 20 pounds in a few months and did not do anything to encourage that and now I cannot budge it. Any advice would be appreciated. Sorry, what exactly do you mean by staggering calories? Yep, that is totally a typo — sorry! Staggering calories has been known to help bust you out of a plateau: Make sure you eat enough protein. Keep an eye on your sodium intake too. I am 42 also and have noticed that the weight comes off slower that when I was younger.

Keep working at it and you will lose the weight!! One of my friends got stuck — took her 6 months to lose 16 lbs.

The 2nd 6 months she lost 50lbs. I have done Weight Watchers online for 2 years and am now in maintenance. Just FYI… there is a phenomenal meal planning service that gives you breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert every week with PointsPlus calculated.

I use it and recommended it to my friend who is cash crunched. She loves it too. Website is shrinkingonabudgetmealplan dot com not sure if I can post links here. Can you give me your email address? You said you have a link for the special? Sample meal plan on the site looks really good though. I would hugely appreciate it if you could do that for me. My email is jillfiredup on yahoo and I just checked.

I do have a working link to that special. I am on the WW Point plus and used the calculator as well and it was off. Im not sure if that will help anyone but I have lost 41 points in 6 months on this plan and its awesome!! I do it online and pay Good luck to all!! Hi this is great! I was hoping you had something for the old weight watchers though?

If not I may try this again: Hi, i have never done weight watcher before.. I am slow at understanding.. Lolli, Most of your fruit and veggies are zero points. Then to figure out the points in food you need to know the calories, protein, fiber and carbs in the item.

You put that into the Points Plus Calculator and viola you know how many points in that item. Also, you can google the item to get the nutritional info. The higher the fiber and protein the lower the points value. Hi carbs raise the points value.

Hope that helps you!! I just found this on Pinterest, and I am sooooo happy! I was just thinking about how in the world I was going to come up with the money to join Weight Watchers. Thank you so much for doing this. What am I doing wrong? Everytime I enter a food into the points calculater the points part reads NaN.

Thank you so much for posting this!!! I actually pay for the service and your calculators are significantly off. Thank u so much for this! I too am a full time breastfeeding mama of 2 and although I have lost 52lbs already w hard work and nursing, I still have about 30lbs until I am at my healthiest weight.

I am hoping this program will help get m there. Can anyone tell me how to calculate the number of daily points if I am on maintenance using the plan?

Just please be mindful of not depriving yourself. I just wanted to report my friend has been doing Weight Watchers simply by using tools found on this post.

She just could not afford doing Weight Watchers online right now. I double checked her PointsPlus with my online tools and the PointsPlus she was given matched what the calculator said. She has already lost 7 pounds. It is shrinking on a budget. My problem is that i realy like sweetys, and i cant stop snacking: My recommendation would be to check out some of the links above like SkinnyTaste and the like. Um, I need help with the second link to calculating the points of your food.

What info do you enter here? Is it food label info? If so, how do you get the points of chicken, pork, etc? I would really like to lose about 15lbs just for health reasons. Thanks for your help. Yes, you enter the food label info into the food point calculator.

For foods without a label like meats, fruit, etc. I knew that as long as I made healthy choices, I was on plan. The points were more of a jumping off point: Googling something is never my first thought!!! Guess my age is showing! Does anyone have a list of all kinds of foods, their point value and serving size? I did ww along time ago and their books of food really helped. Does anyone have access to the charts we would use to keep track of our daily and weekly intake, also the weigh on charts?

Thank you so much for this info! I joined WW last year and lost 26 lbs in 5 months. I then got pregnant with my 2nd babe and had to stop. I know how it all works but needed to know the extra points for breastfeeding. She is still nursing pretty full time but she does get formula and has currently started on rice cereal. I am going to start with the 7 points and add the other if needed. I wanted to let those know who are looking into this that it is all pretty accurate.

I found when I was on the system last year and attending meetings I was still eating what I normally ate but was eating less and the weight started to come off. I entered my info on the link Ashley provided, it gave me 26 points. But again, portion control as well as moving more, you will see a difference in the scale! Would you happen to have a link or something with the recipe builder.

I make this killer granola and want to know how many points it will cost me! Not sure I can give it up just yet: I really appreciate this page. Hopefully reading these comments will keep me encouraged. I cant afford weight watchers and I thought I could do this by myself but Im extremely inconsistant when dieting and working out. You can so do it! I had success twice with WW many years ago and would love to do it again but have a couple of questions please. I checked and my points are 39 per day but another link on here said 26 for daily target what is that?

Also how do you know how many points the foods are for example a cup of mashed pot or a chicken breast etc. Thank you for any help you could provide. I wanted to ask if you know of a place that has a free recipe builder that will either calculate the points plus value, or provide you with the combined nutritional info so you can then find the points plus value?

I googled, and this is what I came up with: I would always just calculate each ingredient separately, then add them together: It is so customizable and the options are endless. FYI — I have nothing to do with the company. I just love the software. I can use in a day etc…I much prefer to have a set amount of numbers to work with…easy peasy!!! Sue, There is a website which you can access on your smartphone browser namely: I use it all the time and I think you will find it useful!

Thanks for sharing as I just had my 2nd baby and cannot afford the program. I calculated my points based on the old program and it is How can iI find out how much would it be now with the new program. Is this even possible at all?

Also, if I follow the older version with the older point system, is the points for the food now the same? When I was on the program, is used this nifty site when eating out. I just bookmarked it on my smartphone. I just started last week and have not seen any changes as of yet: I have been going over my daily allowance but use the extra points from exercising to go back to my allowance… Thoughts?

You can do it: If you have an iPad there are some great apps for free or very inexpensive that will do all that for you, they even have scanners to scan bar codes that give you the points right at the store before you even buy the food, that has been truly valuable. Now if only someone would come up with an electronic tracker that is free life would be so awesome!!!

It tracks your daily, weekly and activity points. You can even search foods and their pp values on there and look for restaurants. I was bouncing between three different android apps trying to keep it all together. My thumbs also thank you: Hi I would also like to get a pp value for foods. Is there an app I can purchase. Can I down load it on to my PC? Or does it have to be on downloaded on to a phone. What about the additional 49 points each week?

I worked for WW for 18 years. It works great, if you stick to it! I too lost 60lbs in on WW, I had all the supplies and I knew someone that went to the meetings, so she bought me the calculator, however, that was for the regular pts. WW is such a great program!! So, when figuring out how many Points Plus you are allowed daily, do you put in your current weight or do you put in your target weight?

You enter your current weight. With each 10 pounds you lose, reconfigure your daily Points Plus allowance: I have a couple of questions though! Now if you work out then do you get extra points for working off so many calories?

Now the only way to caculate the food is with the points calculator right? For instance if I had small spinch salad and turkey burger for lunch how do i know how many points that was all together? Once again thanks so much: Yes, you do get activity points for working out. Also, for calculating points in recipes, I would always calculate the point value of each ingredient, then tally them up. Hi Ashley, How do you calculate homemade items.

I just made some vegetable beef soup? Also how do you go about figuring out points on earned and what type of things does that include. I calculate home made foods by first calculating the individual ingredients, then totaling them all up at the end: I have a question on the points calculator do I put in my current weight or my goal weight? Thank you sooo much for posting! I am super excited! I am confused on one thing though.

I used the calculator above and it says I need 39 points a day. I used a calculator from another website WW calculator claim and It says I need 32 a day. I would like to do it the right way. I was on WW in and my daily points allowance for my same weight was 24points according to your calculations I should be eating 27points?? Why is their a major difference now? When the plan changed to Points Plus, the daily targets went up, so did many points values especially higher carb foods.

The new plan gently pushes you in the direction of making more healthy and satisfying choices. Mine went from 21 to There is an actual calculator that you could buy through Weight Watchers, or possibly eBay or Amazon.

Just gotta search around: You can find a location close to you on weightwatchers. As a life time member of weight watchers there are some things that you need to know before embarking on this journey without the help of the weight watcher staff. The daily point value that you are supposed to eat is not acurate.

The minimum daily point value for everyone regardless of the amount of weight to loose is No one should be eating less than 26 points per day. You need to make sure you have 2 tsp of healthy oils as well and eat from the 4 food groups every day plus lots of water. Weight Watchers is an awesome program that helps you loose weight the healthy, safe way. I recommend it for everyone and you can eat everything you want just calculate the point values. Its not a diet but a life style.

Good luck on your journey! Thank you so much for posting these tools! I lost 30lbs on weight watchers a couple of years ago and am excited to get started again!

Do you happen to know of a recipe builder like tool so that you can put in a recipe and find the point value? Calorie count will let you build a recipe and give you the nutritional info, which you can then enter into the points calculator. Some that do have points are potatoes, corn, peas…. Comment if you have other questions. Without that , how would you know how much to eat a day? Happy to find your site. A few years back I lost with the old Points system by just following through online resources and some friends.

I wanted to find out about Points Plus and you gave me the info. I am currently doing WW online and have lost 40 lbs in 6 months. Was worried about not having access to the restaraunts, calculater, etc. YOU are a lifesaver. You do get 49 extra points each week to use as you see fit. And exercise, exercise, exercise! Thanks so very much for posting this.

I usually follow the meal plan fairly closely, but I was concerned I would miss the tools when I went out to eat and when I occasionally choose a different meal.

These tools will fill in that gap nicely. I will also say that, based on what I have seen with online tools over the past year, these tools suggested in this article are accurate for the most part.

Any ideas for how I can follow this successfully? Just do your best to make fresh choices. Stock up on those steam-in-bag single serve frozen veggies if you have a freezer. Keep fruit in your room. A big thing is portion sizing, as well. Protein the size of a deck of cards, tons of veggies, etc. Whole wheat, whole grain, low fat dressing. Do you have a way to figure out excersize points? Thanks for this awesome post!

Fruits and veggies are FREE! But I eat one every day. It definitely helps with the afternoon munchies…. Fruits are not FREE, they are 0 points plus values. Fruit is 0 points. You should get the recommended fruits and vegetables in a day which is servings a day I believe. Be smart…measure out one portion and then evaluate whether you are still hungry.

Is there a pre-existing list of basic foods anywhere? I would also recommend this points plus calculator at http: I also lost a lot of weight with WW a few years ago, then after a long year with two foot surgeries, etc. WW is a great program, when you follow it: There is another free program that is just as good, with added options for your whole health, etc. How many points do you add if you are nursing mom on the Points Plus? OK… was starting to type and see you found it. I have been looking for something like this I am a new nursing mom: She said it was too expensive to join.

In 15 weeks I have lost 30 pounds. I lost about 6 pounds the first week and then after that I averaged pounds. When i exercised I didnt add in any points. I just stuck to my point allowance and the weight came off. Is the points calculator on this site accurate or not?

Thank you so much!!! Now I can hopefully start!!! So you lost Thanks to whoever it was who told me about Shrinking On A Budget. Thanks to Freckleberry Finds for this post too!

If I am allowed 26 daily points on points plus, how do I fill out the log? You are such a star for this! All I wonder is if you have a preference for a friendly weight loss forum?

Like a nice community of people helping each other out? In addition there is online coaching available plus they have started an Instagram feed just for answering questions and help -Q: But never fear, you only need to consume 10 below to 5 above range to be in the healthy eating range for a blue dot -Q: The part of beans that give us gas is in the liquid so I rinse mine when I can -Q: Many members who are not familiar with WW math would not know to discard any seasoning packets or other ingredients that add to the points.

If you use the packet or the seasoning is already mixed in count the points -Q: I track so that I can keep myself accountable and also to know what a good week looks like so I can repeat it…or a bad week so I can avoid that in the future.

BUT you certainly do not have to track them if that is what works for you! No, sadly popcorn is not included on the zero point list because it undergoes dietary changes during popping that eliminate it from that list.

Also, snack foods are considered easily abused or high abuse foods and are not included. It would be easy to eat 3 cups of popcorn, but a little harder or slower anyway to eat 3 ears of corn -Q: Some ground turkey and chicken has skin and other fatty fillers included so always be sure and check the label!

See my blog www. The girls over in the IYHAE Facebook group have been making flatbread pizzas, hearty soups, even desserts…your family need not know! What foods got added to the zero points food list?

Does it make a difference on what type of fish to be zero? Like wild caught versus farm raised? Are there any fruits and vegetables that did not make the zero point list? What makes a food FREE? Free would be water. Are the zero point foods really unlimited? Get one serving, eat it, if you are really still hungry go get another one.

If you need more points at one meal than another mix it up! There are thousands of items individually packaged under different brand names that have to be updated. Most are done, some are not. Just watch out for the butter, sour cream etc. Always lost weight on this exchange diet. Snd sometimes if going out to eat eould save my exchanges for one meal. The more options everyone has, the greater chances for success.

Thanks so much for the offer! Please post the program exchanges, this is the only diet that ever really worked for me. I followed it in the early 80s.

I've recently been contact by a friend who did this with me and she was looking for it also. So we are gonna try to do it again almost 30 years later. Any help you could give me would be appreciated. Especially allowed vegetables, fruits, seasoning. I don't see the posted entire program. If memory serves, additional floaters were allotted according to exercise Does anyone recall that? Kelly, I would really like to get a copy of the entire program Thant would be great as I have been looking everywhere for it.

Please let me know. Thanks My email is storandt centurylink. I would to have a copy of this since everyone rates it so highly. Kelly, I did the original program. Swore I still had the materials, but I don't. Could you please e mail the old WW program to me. I tried the new points program and have gained weight.

Thank you very muchJanette. Did you ever post the entire program exchanges? I did very well with WW, but haven't done well with any of the newer WW programs 's - on.

I would think I'm not the only one. So far I've lost 4 lbs.. I'm also trying to be more aware of my cravings, and look at my college picture as motivation it was my lowest weight of my adult life. Hello Kelly, I was hoping beyond hope that you might have the Weight Watchers original diet booklet from the 80's: Does anyone in the world have this booklet? My cherished one is MIA!! Thankyou and name your price!

I have only found a couple in boxes but if you have all I would love to have them. Would you please send me the old WW program. I have tried the new points plan. I have gained weight. I would really appreciate your help. I know this is an old post. Hello everyone, could someone please send me the old quick start weight watchers program?

I recently bought on eBay the original WW book, as well as the revised plan WW came out with in I'm not sure which one I'm going to attempt. To tell the truth, what's holding me back is the incredible amount of fish you're supposed to eat each week! Any suggestions on that?

Does anyone know how important it is that I stick to that part of it? Seems to me that I could substitute some of that fish with lean meat, don't you think?

I'm totally new to WW but from what I've read, those early plans were definitely easier to follow and quicker weight loss. Plus, I like the clarity and checking off little boxes throughout the day: But what about all that fish?? Hey Elizabeth I've got to say I'm with you there!

I have always hated fish, like every type of fish including shrimp and lobster. I've started trying to eat fish for weight loss and also because it's just supposed to be so good for you. Mostly I have been just trying to suck it up and eat fish like I eat brussel sprouts, just suck it up and hurry through. I have found two ways of eating seafood that are acceptable though.

I swear it makes almost any fish at least edible. As to switching out to other lean meats, it may work but I would try cilantro salmon first. If you look at past posts in the fitness tab on this website they talk about chelation and how cilantro helps your body detox. Your answer wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear yes, you do have to eat all that fish but at least you made me laugh as I read your reply: Oddly enough, brussel sprouts are the only vegetable that I absolutely can't stand and will not eat.

Funny that you brought that up. I copied the Cilantro Salmon recipe down and plan to try it soon. And yes, I've become aware in the past couple of years of the differences between wild-caught and farm-raised fish and try to always buy wild only. Oh well, I guess I have to suck it up and eat fish, dang it. I found that tuna with salad fixings made a terrific lunch and an easy way to fill the weekly fish quotas.

Is there any way I could get from you a copy of the revised ww plan? Either you could scan it to me, or make a copy and I could paper your the materials and postage. It was called the Original Plan when I ran across it. However, I remember sort of - I was really young and just listening to old people talking hearing about some plan that required you to eat about a gazillion bananas.

If you want one where you eat gazillion bananas that is very effective at helping you lose weight - check out the Satan Diet and the Cupcake Time Diet on this website. I'm sorry, but I don't. I know a lot of people felt that program was superior to the Points Plus but I never did see the old points system in action.

Good luck to you! On this blog opening page, go to the right hand column and scroll down to Archives.

Pick the April and hit it. The original points description shows on that page if you scroll down to it. Points allowed were determined for each person as they chose the rate and number for their goal.

But in fact it almost always turned out to be points unless you were very obese then it went up to points per day. Also it differed for men and youth. Also, you could earn 2 points or more per day depending on how much exercise you got over the basic 20 mins required per day. The food exchanges plan was the very bestest! I joined WW in , lost weight, kept it off and became a WW leader. I sure wish I had all my program booklets. I went back to WW in ish and all they talked about was how many chocolate kisses they could eat for all their daily points.

Does anyone have the extra booklets that spoke to out to eat??? Thanks for your comment. The chocolate kisses thing is why I really prefer the Original plan over the Points Plan.

I tried both and I am really just too irresponsible to be told I can eat my points in cake and candy. That just really didn't work for me. I know the exchange plan is based on a diabetic diet. If that was your favorite and you can't find it, you may want to google diabetic exchanges and use that to guide you. I used the older plans as well for weight watchers and became a life time member in the 's.

The point plans did not interest me and I still dig out my exchanges when I need to make a correction to return to my goal weight. Remember; as we age our goal weight has to be adjusted as well, check with your doctor or dietitian. Tops plan still offers the exchange system identical to the old WW ones. Richard Simmons old Deal a Meal also was an exchange plan mostly the same. On the tops web site and at their meetings you can find the old WW type journal sheets for keeping track of your exchanges and substitutions allowed as optional calories and personal choice fruits or milk or bread or protein extras.

Richard simmons web site also has a journal for keeping track of exchanges. He still uses the exchange basics only he began to close windows on food groups in a handy hand held counter. WW allowed various levels which changed according to how fast or slow you wanted to loose. Levels were different too for men and youth. And yes you could always substitute for the many fish meals if you could not stand fish, but you had to have less volume of the alternate protein in order to keep the calories the same.

Exchange plans are really a fancy way to keep track of calories to make it easier to plan and keep to a set caloric total for your age, height and goal. Originally exercise was optional and now as WW includes more calories under their point systems exercise is required to loose at the same rate as of old. PS I am still pretty healthy for an old gal too and WW old system works. Back when i did this originally i hated fish.. Glad you are a fellow fish hater!

The tuna idea is a great way to get the benefit of fish without having to actually eat fish. You should check out our Salmon Patty recipe on this site - it is another painless way to get fish if you couple it with the Corn Fritters!

Your weight loss on this plan "back in the day" was fabulous! And I do think this diet actually gets us thinking about how to eat healthy so we can keep the weight off. Let me know if your 10 lbs slide off as easily this time! To my knowledge, there was never a WW plan called the original plan; if there was it was from the mids and it definitely did not contain "floater" exchanges and optional calories: Just like there have been multiple versions of the points plans, there were multiple versions of the exchange plans.

I do not recall a plan that ever allowed that much protein PLUS 7 floaters and optional calories. I do not have time right now to drag out all my old materials from the 70s and 80s, but will try to do so later if you have specific questions or are otherwise interested. I remember the plan that had the 7 floaters and optional calories.

I think it might have been called Quick Start. I wish I had all my original materials from back then! I agree that it was a better plan for teaching the concepts of healthy eating and portion control.

We firmly believe that everyone is different and that is why we try to cover a variety of diet options that have worked for someone we know no rumors of success; only true success. So glad you found what you needed! Does anyone if mustard is allowed I also lost lbs 25 yrs ago and kept it off until this year said 25 combo of menopause n quitting smoking I have gained on the new WW program to much fruit or something.

I want to go back to the old program from the 80's. Can you help me please. I loved the old revised original WW plan of I lost 50 lbs. Have never done well on points.. This is a fabulous idea, Phyllis! Anyone who would like to participate in an online support group - drop us an email at forwardmotion outlook. Talk to you soon!! If anyone has the program from could they send it me please bendell. I too lost a lot of wt. Now i once again need to shed wt. Do you have a copy of the ww plan from the 80,s?

Esther, go online to Amazon or any book ordering web site and search for the older versions of the Weight Watchers Program books. Some are used, ebay may have them too. In this they give the plan summary, some exchange lists and include recipes that all work with the plan. Be sure to order a book prior to their points system, so to not include those newer analysis on the recipes and plan.

I'm sorry, We don't have any other WW plans other than the 2 posted on this website. Good luck in both your search and your future weight loss! Starting on the old plan Monday and looking forward to losing weight. Patty, where did you find the information? Was it the old WW program from the 80's. The new point program is not for me I have gained weight.

I am starting my Old Weight Watchers. I lost 77lbs once. It only took me about 5 months to do it. I was amazed at how fast I lost the weight. I walked 3 to 5 miles 6 days a week. I worked out everyday. And I didnt eat after 7: I was really committed. I gained the weight back because of cortisone and steroid injections due to back surgery. I do know that it works. I love the old way much better. I got confused with the new system. Too much to do.

I never had to change anything that I ate. Brenda, how did you get the old WW program? I've been looking for it for quite a while. I do not like the new point system. How many calorie bread do you eat? What kind of cereal do you eat? Can you have oikos vanilla greek yogurt? I have gained weight on the new points program. So glad to find this.

I did WW in and was so surprised at how easy it was. I did not like vegies I lost 15 lbs on it. The new plans have never worked as well. As others here have said, it seems like people are trying to figure out ways to keep eating junk.

This planned helped me become a healthier eater. I need to take off again. I think I will give this a try. From what remember the original plan allowed ounces of meat for lunch and ounces for dinner.

Points system was too complex I became too obsessed with the points and exchanges. Never had a lot of success with it. Last year when I moved I had aloof weight to lose. I started The original plan again and of this year and have lost 63 pounds. Kelly you stated you were going to post the Exchange Program but I dont see it???? I would really like it if you posted it please. Thank you for this! Back in the s my parents and my aunt went on the original plan and lost so much weight among them that it added up to an entire other person, and they all kept it off.

In fact my aunt, now 98, is still keeping it off, even though she is the best cook in Texas. Naturally I had great hopes for WW, but the points system never worked for me. I can't even remember how many times I started WW with high hopes and failed after initially losing a few pounds and finding that I was always hungry--probably because I was using my points for the wrong foods.

It didn't help that they were always trying to sell me tasty carb-laden 2-point treats and giving me free samples. The new WW gives me more freedom than this compulsive over-eater can handle. I absolutely cannot eat sweets and lose, and I don't know anybody who can.

But this approach give me some real hope. It's too bad WW didn't stay with it. Does anyone have a copy of the tracker from the Freedom Plan? Or even a homemade version? I like having the little boxes to check off for each exchange. Liz, the older versions of Weight Watchers many plans had lots of journals with the check off boxes for the exchanges count for each day. If you go on Richard Simmons web site you can get a similar print out of an exchange system journal sheet and it has boxes too.

I just take the old WW plans system tracker with box check off sheet and copy many more days and sheets for me to keep track from my old Weight Watchers material.

Does anyone use the TurnAround plan from several seasons back? That worked great for me, but I don't have it and want to go back to that.

Every year weight watchers seems to revise their plan. Wonder if they plan to do that. Shirley, yes weight watchers changed or modified plans every year and likely still does. It is meant to keep up with science as new info becomes available from the weight loss studies. It also helps then sign up new members to keep recent and members wanting the latest plans.

I think the turnaround was an early points system I recall. You can go online to eBay and amazon and search for people selling their old material. There are plenty of older packages there. I love this diet. I actually lost weight on it. Weightwatchers wouldn't give it to me. Lynn hi and welcome. You can get all or most info on the Weight Watchers older version diet from the book: It comes in hardcover and three ring binder form. It can be ordered used, from Ebay or Amazon or online book site or a book store maybe could get you one used.

It was published in by Macmillan Inc and was written by Weight Watchers international. It has a description of the plan, menus, and some exchanges. They published it prior to the introduction of their points plans so it has the older information. You will have to draw your own food journal sheets and copy them, to check off squares if you want to track exchanges, though one similar is on TOPS websites and Richard Simmons web sites.

Be sure to get the exact title, and year as they wrote others that look similar. Tops still uses a similar plan as one of its options.

Any chance of getting a copy of the exchange program posted by Kelly on 8th August We have been looking for you. The bad news is we had no luck in locating that BUT we did take everything we learned while looking for and wrote a few articles just for you!

The exchange lists are located here: Let us know if it helps! I too lost a lot of weight in after first baby on the Original non-points WW version and have been searching for the old red booklet and the weekly food diary. Does anyone please have the booklet scanned and the food diary? It was the only diet that has ever worked for me. You might want to check ebay and see if anyone has a copy for sale.

Hi, I have been looking forever to find the old Weight Watchers plan to no avail. I came upon your site and I see the menu at the beginning, but the one I did I had 19 points a day and when I typed in the food it told me how many points. Do you have a list of foods with points? Hi Donna, Here is a food-to-points converter that we ran across http: Where you had 19 points available, I'm betting you were not using the PointsPlus system.

This post is about an older WW system where you just had to eat different foods. If you scroll to the top of this page, you will see a box that contains reviews of a few different diets. We hope this helps! I have wanted to start the old WW diet for years, as it is the only diet that worked for me. I enjoy food that is fresh, not from a box. The old plan was very easy to follow.

I do not have any of the instruction books only the Daily Tracker sheets. Thank you for this site. If you are able to email me one, I'd be very grateful! There is a food tracker sheet here: If not, say the word and we'll scout out another for you! Is there anyway I could get a copy of the things you have found. I suffered a stroke due to an injury and not able to exercise like I was able to before.

This program worked wonderful for me to loose my weight before and had hit my goal. Now I feel this is the only thing I can count on to help me in this time. Have a broken hip joint and it is making me fall farther behind.

Please help if you can. Hi fellow weight watchers! I was so glad to find this site and spent the last week working SO hard at trying to follow the old program which worked great so many decades ago.

Now it's the weekend and I completely blew it, so of course, I'm so disappointed in myself. Here's hoping I can get back on track tomorrow!

You can get back on track - we're sure of it. Be proud of your self for starting on the road to your success. All roads have a bump or two - no worries. Here's hoping this week is a good one for you! Thank you so much for providing the planner and menu outline. I used it successfully when I was in high school and now my high school aged son and I will be using it together to shed some extra pounds.

Well this is just awesome! My college-age daughter and I are doing the very same thing right this minute. I lost 6 stone 40 years ago with the old weight watcher plan. I have rejoined weight watchers and hate the new points plan. There is no discipline. When I see ''free foods'' I just eat them all day, that's no good to me. I am going to use the old way.

This is the WW plan that I prefer and I'm glad they have a variety of plans so we can all pick and choose. If you get a chance, check out the Satan Diet that we've posted here. It's a healthy way to jump start your weight loss. I started with the Satan Diet and moved nicely into this WW plan with 7 lbs already gone. It felt good and I was able to continue losing weight. I tried the points system twice.. I have been thinking about the original plan for a while now and could remember some of it but not all.

Thank you all for posting what you recall. Going to set it in motion! Would you please send me the old WW program, like you I lost weight years ago. I've tried the new program and do not like it.

Really appreciate your help. It is here on this same site. There are actually 2 articles which were written just last month. Thank you for resurrecting the old WW plan. In , I was a chubby year-old when my dear mother sent me to my first WW meeting. We sat in a hotel conference room and I recall that most of the ladies always had a can of Tab or Fresca.

I am not a fish eater, so eating fish every other meal was daunting. I won't even mention the liver. It was very hard, at that age, but I lost 35 lbs.

My mother was very supportive, even though she was an exceptional cook. She often fixed my special meals while cooking the "regular" meals for herself and my sister. Undone by what I felt was a monotonous diet, I gave up and regained most of the weight over the next two years. I ended up going back and trying the different "improved" versions every other year since. I will soon be 60 years old.

I am now facing a do or die health situation and do not need the freedom of these everything-goes plans that are out today. I have been encouraged to have surgery by a couple of doctors who clearly do not understand the psyche of career dieters. Cut-and-fix solutions only work if the individual understands what and how to eat The old WW is spot on.

Thanks again and pray for me. You are quite welcome! Hopefully this diet plan will help you make positive life choices to move you in the right direction. There are a few other articles on my website that you might want to peruse to get some other ideas regarding how to lose the weight and keep it off. Here are 2 tips that I think are the most helpful: When you make dinner start with fresh ingredients to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to keep you healthy and craving free; 2 Only allow yourself to eat during an hour window each day.

The clock starts with the first item you put in your mouth in the morning. This will help you cut down on the nighttime snacking that destroys so many of us! On those nights that you absolutely MUST have something to eat after your time limit has expired, limit your choices to vegetables only.

Check in every once in awhile and let us know how you're doing So glad I found this site. Been doing WW Points Plus and not losing. Thank you for this great info! I am so happy that I found this site I've been looking for the old Weight Watchers plan for a long time. I remember losing lots of weight when I followed the plan, and I was very disappointed when they changed to the points.

So pleased to have found this site. I'm about to start the original WW plan too. Although successful on very high protein diets, they leave me feeling ill and lethargic. I thought about why I find diets -like Atkins - such hard work, and realise that I miss milk and fruit to the point of distraction. Also that a few carbs make me feel so much better. Bit of a light-bulb moment! The old 's WW program had all the benefits with enough weight loss to keep me going; I'm so bored of losing half a pound a week etc.

Yes, it's a tough regime, but I hope it's going to work again, as it did when I was a youngster. BTW - is there a forum for fellow "originalists"? Best wishes, J xxx. Hi Weight Watchers, Do you remember the "cheese French toast" recipe. You take 1 slice of bread, toast it, and cut it on half length wise to make 2 full slices of bread. Weigh out 1 oz of hard cheese and put it between the 2 slices of bread like a cheese sandwhich.

In a bowl mix 1 egg, a little water, and a sprinkle of cinnamon and whip it together. Put cheese sandwhich in the egg mixture, coat the sandwhich and cook it like French toast.

Drizzzle a little syrup over the top when you put it on your plate. This was delicious and only 1 bread, 2 proteins, and 1 fat. Now I make it with 2 slices of bread, 2 eggs, and 2 oz cheese and it is really good.

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