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The shampoo and conditioner is pre-mixed, the towels are dry, and the drying suites are ready and waiting! Schedule an appointment by calling All prices listed are BASE prices per above descriptions. These prices are for well behaved dogs that are groomed every 6 weeks. Charges could be 2 to 3 times the normal charges. A final price quote will be based on an inspection of your dog by the SMPL groomer at check-in , prior to the groom.

Extra Time Dogs Note: Baths and Grooms are usually completed in hours, Extra time dogs generally are large and or furry and will be completed in hours. The customer will be called when the groom is completed.

Extra Time Dogs are assigned to 2 appointment slots. When you leave town there are many things to get done before you go. Let us remove one of those headaches. With our Pet Taxi service, we will pick up your pet and bring them to Stone Mountain Pet Lodge where they will have a luxurious stay while you and your family enjoy your vacation. We can even bring your pet back to your home when you return. On a tight schedule? Take advantage of Stone Mountain's excellent lodging capabilities when you groom!

Dogs will enjoy all the benefits of our lodging program including potty breaks every 3 hrs and you can pick-up and drop-off at your leisure. Cats are understood here. They are celebrated for being uniquely feline and discerning. A cat will never be compared to, or treated like a dog, at Whisker Ridge Cat Salon. Our experienced grooming staff offers bath and nail packages to turn even the most finicky into a happy and healthy cat.

The package must be purchased in order to add one of the following services. We feature holistic, natural and grain free food that promotes good health, coat brilliance and reduced allergies from puppy stage to mature stage; we stock food that will last for a lifetime this includes canned wet foods and bagged dry foods. If your pet has a special occasion, or you just want to give them a special treat, our bakery items are just what you need.

We carry a variety of treats for your dog that will be sure to make them happy. All of our treats are healthy for your pet and contain no unwanted ingredients. Some of the bakery items we offer are: Sometimes it takes a few tries to find that one special toy your dog favors above all others.

We have a large selection of toys that develop intelligence and puzzle solving skills. Pick out a toy that helps to prevent destructive boredom-driven habits, prevent separation anxiety and provides mental stimulation. Some of the toys we offer are: Pet Supply Outfitters is proud to offer a wide variety of clothing for your pet for both function and fun. Weather you are looking for a way to shield your pet from the elements or just looking to fancy them up a bit, we can help. We are especially proud to offer a line of high quality, one-of-a-kind pet clothing made right here in Minnesota.

Some of the different types of pet clothing we offer are: Shirts Ties Boas Boots. We have and entire wall dedicated to leashes and collars! Your dog may not require five leashes, but you definitely need the right type.

Finding the right feeding dish for you pet is very important. That's why we carry a variety of types and sizes of dishes. Dishes that are raised for taller dogs, dishes designed to prevent spilling, decorative dishes, and even dishes that are made to prevent your pet from eating to fast and possibly choking. We feel that whatever your pet's needs are, we will have the correct feeding dish for you.

Some of the dishes we offer are: We carry a wide variety of crates and carriers to make housing and transporting your pet a breeze. With standard wire crates, soft side crates and playpens, and even airline approved carriers so you can travel with your pet.

We have something to make them truly comfortable. Snoozzy comforters and sleepers soften crates with a non-skid backing. They are washable and come in many sizes and styles. Some of the styles we carry include; round, square, sable, corduroy and suede. If you like to give your a bit more creature comfort, and add to the decor of your home, then our extensive selection of pet furniture is for you. We carry full pet beds, Kuranda beds and a full line of Custom Cat Purrrniture.

We can also do custom beds and custom orders. With 5 ways to earn points, you'll be rolling in the Chester Bucks in no time! Your Chester Bucks certificate will print automatically with your receipt once you've earned or more points.

Enrollment is automatic and free of charge! Chester Bucks are redeemable only on purchases from our retail store, Pet Supply Outfitters. Chester Bucks are good for 60 days, starting the day after the bonus sale. Chester Bucks are not valid with any other offer at the time of redemption.

Chester Bucks have no cash value. You must present your Chester Bucks certificate at time of purchase to redeem. Access to our Doggy Day Care Webcams is secured with a username and password.

The weekly password is posted on the Doggy Day Care doors where you drop off your dog. Give us a call or send us an email. Just choose the suite and plan that's right for your dog - from basic to extravagant accommodations, low-key to high-energy daily activities - and we'll take care of the rest!

Cabin Suite Our Cabin suites are 4' x 6' on the inside with a sliding door that leads to their private 4' x 12' outdoor run. Deluxe Suite Our Deluxe suites are twice as big as our other suites: There are only 12 of these suites and are best suited to any dog that loves posh accommodations!

This area tends to be the quietest in the entire building due to the limited number of suites and the homeā€”like atmosphere. This wing has soft sconce lighting and wood accents.

As always, you're welcome to bring in any bedding from home. Prices vary by breed. Stone Mountain Pet Lodge is also capable of boarding birds, gerbils, hamsters and other pocket pets!

Prior To Arrival Do you require a minimum number of days for lodging reservations? Will my pet be examined on arrival? What do I need to bring for my pet? Do you have pickup and delivery services? What is the minimum lodging age for my pet?

Do you only board cats and dogs? Can my dog go outside at any time? What if my dog requires additional exercise? My puppy is fed more than once per day.

Will you do that? Do you do "Doggy Day Care"? What if my pet should become ill? What if there is an emergency? Submit Your Shot Records. Orientation Day required for first time guests! Some of our activities include: Seasonal Fun We love to hold holiday themed activities during the different seasons. We recommend Frontline If your dog is experiencing any of the following symptoms please keep your dog home from daycare until they are feeling better; coughing, sneezing, lethargic, lose of appetite, loose stools or any other unusual behavior for your dog.

What Should I Bring? Recommendations We recommend that your dog comes at least once a week to get used to the environment and to be appropriately socialized. Maintaining a Healthy Facility By Facility Design All of the concrete surfaces that your pets may come in contact with are sealed with a three part epoxy coating filling the pores of the concrete, which makes it difficult for bacteria to grow, and also makes it easy for us to clean and disinfect. In Spite of our Best Efforts In spite of our best efforts, your pet may contract an illness before, during or after their stay at Stone Mountain Pet Lodge.

Our facility has the latest equipment, and the safety of your pet is our number one concern. With Your Groom The following grooming additions are only available as add-ons to one of our Grooming Packages. FAQ How long does a grooming take? We usually ask for 2 to 3 hours for a full grooming process. Why does it take so long? What is the difference between a Groom and a Bath? What is the dremel and why do they use it on my dog? The groomer said my dog was matted, what does that mean?

How often should I be grooming my pet? Try our Soft Paw. This feline is sporting them in black. Premium Food We feature holistic, natural and grain free food that promotes good health, coat brilliance and reduced allergies from puppy stage to mature stage; we stock food that will last for a lifetime this includes canned wet foods and bagged dry foods.

Pet Supply Outfitters can give you whatever you need. Furniture If you like to give your a bit more creature comfort, and add to the decor of your home, then our extensive selection of pet furniture is for you. All prices are per dog, per night. Prices subject to change without notice. Birthday Parties Drop off your dog for a day of daycare and we will ensure that they have a fantastic birthday!

See a staff member for details Seasonal Fun We love to hold holiday themed activities during the different seasons. Hypoallergenic pet food with unique protein choices. Limited ingredients, grain free.

All natural, high quality, holistic pet food with excellent palatability - dogs love Canidae. Uses only the finest natural ingredients for superior digestibility. No corn, wheat, soy, grain fractions or other fillers - all ingredients are of U. Made from the finest, simplest ingredients - including meats, vegetables, fruits and whole grain. Nutritious, well-balanced base for a healthy and happy pet.

Fresh, pure and wholesome is nature's way. Nutrition to help promote your pet's lifelong health. All meats are hormone and antibiotic free. Premium, quality organic recipes. Superior ingredients cooked in can to retain all natural nutrients and create a traditional look.

The ancestral diet meets modern nutrition - grain free foods. High in protein and low in carbs to help maintain a strong, lean body. Do you wish you had more time?

Are there projects lingering in the back of your mind? Established in we have worked with over clients to bring their dreams to life. Let us make your dream a reality. Welcome to our Site. Kansas city Masonry Contractors Specialize in Masonry repair ,Stone masonry,Brick masonry,glass block contacting for Brick,block,stone,tile,pavers,glass block and more Click here to add text.

We are committed to providing a quality product. We also add stone facades to existing surfaces. Stone walls, stone and brick patios,stone fountains, retaning wall repair,. Stonework is virtually maintenance free and adds beauty and value to your home at the same time!

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to stone and we can help you make the right choice to give your home that natural or upscale look, whatever you're looking for! In medieval times, unions of stonemasons were commonplace. Now, with modern building practices and the varying materials available for use, the craft is exceedingly in short supply Masonry is a centuries-old practice that continues to be an important trade within the construction industry.

Keep reading to learn more about masonry and the many benefits it offers Kansas City Historic Masonry Contractors. Left without proper maintenance, the deterioration worsens exponentially.

To discuss your masonry repair or landscape needs,. From mortar matching and spot pointing to unit replacement and patching expertise,. We take the time to learn about important factors such as age, mortar type, and.

We are a proud member of the following organizations. Masonry repair kansas city. Who is Kansas City Masonry and Restoration?

We have earned an excellent reputation for our high-quality workmanship in a unique industry niche. You can also show the coupon on your phone at the door. Be Come One ext. Check website often for admission discount coupons and free stuff. Come and invite your friends and family to all our expos! Discover Your Yoga - Caledon, Ontario. Ordained Spiritualist minister, medium, clairvoyant, medical intuitive, animal intuitive, business psychic.

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