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Weight Watchers Points Plus ~ The New Program
Worse, the weight loss drug does not change a person's relationship to food and will likely cause a person to regain the weight. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. If you used butter or margarine it came out of your fats. I was resistant to change also — but one can always find fault from a resistant point of view — I decided to accept the change as a booster to the mediocre set in, roll up my sleeves. Lynn hi and welcome. Count me in for your WW group! Please sign me up with your group.

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Exchange List for an Calorie Diabetic Diet. Diets for Type 2 Diabetes and High Cholesterol. High Fiber Foods for a Diabetic. Meals for Diabetics With High Cholesterol. Diabetic Food Choices at Chinese Restaurants. The Effects of Pistachios on Blood Glucose. Pills to Lose Weight for Type 2 Diabetes. If you go on Richard Simmons web site you can get a similar print out of an exchange system journal sheet and it has boxes too. I just take the old WW plans system tracker with box check off sheet and copy many more days and sheets for me to keep track from my old Weight Watchers material.

Does anyone use the TurnAround plan from several seasons back? That worked great for me, but I don't have it and want to go back to that. Every year weight watchers seems to revise their plan. Wonder if they plan to do that. Shirley, yes weight watchers changed or modified plans every year and likely still does.

It is meant to keep up with science as new info becomes available from the weight loss studies. It also helps then sign up new members to keep recent and members wanting the latest plans. I think the turnaround was an early points system I recall. You can go online to eBay and amazon and search for people selling their old material. There are plenty of older packages there. I love this diet. I actually lost weight on it. Weightwatchers wouldn't give it to me. Lynn hi and welcome.

You can get all or most info on the Weight Watchers older version diet from the book: It comes in hardcover and three ring binder form. It can be ordered used, from Ebay or Amazon or online book site or a book store maybe could get you one used. It was published in by Macmillan Inc and was written by Weight Watchers international. It has a description of the plan, menus, and some exchanges. They published it prior to the introduction of their points plans so it has the older information.

You will have to draw your own food journal sheets and copy them, to check off squares if you want to track exchanges, though one similar is on TOPS websites and Richard Simmons web sites. Be sure to get the exact title, and year as they wrote others that look similar. Tops still uses a similar plan as one of its options. Any chance of getting a copy of the exchange program posted by Kelly on 8th August We have been looking for you.

The bad news is we had no luck in locating that BUT we did take everything we learned while looking for and wrote a few articles just for you! The exchange lists are located here: Let us know if it helps!

I too lost a lot of weight in after first baby on the Original non-points WW version and have been searching for the old red booklet and the weekly food diary. Does anyone please have the booklet scanned and the food diary? It was the only diet that has ever worked for me.

You might want to check ebay and see if anyone has a copy for sale. Hi, I have been looking forever to find the old Weight Watchers plan to no avail. I came upon your site and I see the menu at the beginning, but the one I did I had 19 points a day and when I typed in the food it told me how many points.

Do you have a list of foods with points? Hi Donna, Here is a food-to-points converter that we ran across http: Where you had 19 points available, I'm betting you were not using the PointsPlus system. This post is about an older WW system where you just had to eat different foods. If you scroll to the top of this page, you will see a box that contains reviews of a few different diets. We hope this helps! I have wanted to start the old WW diet for years, as it is the only diet that worked for me.

I enjoy food that is fresh, not from a box. The old plan was very easy to follow. I do not have any of the instruction books only the Daily Tracker sheets. Thank you for this site. If you are able to email me one, I'd be very grateful! There is a food tracker sheet here: If not, say the word and we'll scout out another for you! Is there anyway I could get a copy of the things you have found. I suffered a stroke due to an injury and not able to exercise like I was able to before.

This program worked wonderful for me to loose my weight before and had hit my goal. Now I feel this is the only thing I can count on to help me in this time.

Have a broken hip joint and it is making me fall farther behind. Please help if you can. Hi fellow weight watchers! I was so glad to find this site and spent the last week working SO hard at trying to follow the old program which worked great so many decades ago. Now it's the weekend and I completely blew it, so of course, I'm so disappointed in myself.

Here's hoping I can get back on track tomorrow! You can get back on track - we're sure of it. Be proud of your self for starting on the road to your success. All roads have a bump or two - no worries. Here's hoping this week is a good one for you! Thank you so much for providing the planner and menu outline. I used it successfully when I was in high school and now my high school aged son and I will be using it together to shed some extra pounds.

Well this is just awesome! My college-age daughter and I are doing the very same thing right this minute. I lost 6 stone 40 years ago with the old weight watcher plan. I have rejoined weight watchers and hate the new points plan. There is no discipline. When I see ''free foods'' I just eat them all day, that's no good to me. I am going to use the old way. This is the WW plan that I prefer and I'm glad they have a variety of plans so we can all pick and choose.

If you get a chance, check out the Satan Diet that we've posted here. It's a healthy way to jump start your weight loss. I started with the Satan Diet and moved nicely into this WW plan with 7 lbs already gone.

It felt good and I was able to continue losing weight. I tried the points system twice.. I have been thinking about the original plan for a while now and could remember some of it but not all.

Thank you all for posting what you recall. Going to set it in motion! Would you please send me the old WW program, like you I lost weight years ago. I've tried the new program and do not like it. Really appreciate your help.

It is here on this same site. There are actually 2 articles which were written just last month. Thank you for resurrecting the old WW plan. In , I was a chubby year-old when my dear mother sent me to my first WW meeting. We sat in a hotel conference room and I recall that most of the ladies always had a can of Tab or Fresca. I am not a fish eater, so eating fish every other meal was daunting. I won't even mention the liver. It was very hard, at that age, but I lost 35 lbs. My mother was very supportive, even though she was an exceptional cook.

She often fixed my special meals while cooking the "regular" meals for herself and my sister. Undone by what I felt was a monotonous diet, I gave up and regained most of the weight over the next two years. I ended up going back and trying the different "improved" versions every other year since. I will soon be 60 years old. I am now facing a do or die health situation and do not need the freedom of these everything-goes plans that are out today. I have been encouraged to have surgery by a couple of doctors who clearly do not understand the psyche of career dieters.

Cut-and-fix solutions only work if the individual understands what and how to eat The old WW is spot on. Thanks again and pray for me. You are quite welcome! Hopefully this diet plan will help you make positive life choices to move you in the right direction. There are a few other articles on my website that you might want to peruse to get some other ideas regarding how to lose the weight and keep it off.

Here are 2 tips that I think are the most helpful: When you make dinner start with fresh ingredients to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to keep you healthy and craving free; 2 Only allow yourself to eat during an hour window each day.

The clock starts with the first item you put in your mouth in the morning. This will help you cut down on the nighttime snacking that destroys so many of us! On those nights that you absolutely MUST have something to eat after your time limit has expired, limit your choices to vegetables only. Check in every once in awhile and let us know how you're doing So glad I found this site.

Been doing WW Points Plus and not losing. Thank you for this great info! I am so happy that I found this site I've been looking for the old Weight Watchers plan for a long time. I remember losing lots of weight when I followed the plan, and I was very disappointed when they changed to the points.

So pleased to have found this site. I'm about to start the original WW plan too. Although successful on very high protein diets, they leave me feeling ill and lethargic. I thought about why I find diets -like Atkins - such hard work, and realise that I miss milk and fruit to the point of distraction. Also that a few carbs make me feel so much better. Bit of a light-bulb moment! The old 's WW program had all the benefits with enough weight loss to keep me going; I'm so bored of losing half a pound a week etc.

Yes, it's a tough regime, but I hope it's going to work again, as it did when I was a youngster. BTW - is there a forum for fellow "originalists"? Best wishes, J xxx. Hi Weight Watchers, Do you remember the "cheese French toast" recipe. You take 1 slice of bread, toast it, and cut it on half length wise to make 2 full slices of bread.

Weigh out 1 oz of hard cheese and put it between the 2 slices of bread like a cheese sandwhich. In a bowl mix 1 egg, a little water, and a sprinkle of cinnamon and whip it together.

Put cheese sandwhich in the egg mixture, coat the sandwhich and cook it like French toast. Drizzzle a little syrup over the top when you put it on your plate. This was delicious and only 1 bread, 2 proteins, and 1 fat.

Now I make it with 2 slices of bread, 2 eggs, and 2 oz cheese and it is really good. Lisa, I would love if you could email it to me nmmjg comcast. Lisa, I don't have your email address. That is why I provided my email address. I am interested in this information. It was the program I used and lost 40 pounds.

Could I have a copy please. I have the booklets from the '90s including Superstart. Superstart is basically outlined as Breakfast: Protein was 4 oz. Milk selections are fat free Veggies are unlimited, of course About calories per day average. To cmatthews would you mind sending me the superstart outline.

This seems so easy to follow and the points system is too much for me to deal with. Could you send me the old ww plan. The new WW plan is not working for me. What kind of bread do you buy for the old program?

I am looking for the full choice plan listing the sample menus for 7 days. This was from the early 's. I agree with the previous posts the points system is too complicated. Would be happy to hear back. Hi Lisa, Please let me know how to obtain the entire WW program and manual. Bello Lisa, I al interested in the entire WW program from , including the entire manual. Plz send me an email. I am looking for the menus that were on the plan in the middle to late 80's.

I was so successful on that easy plan. I do not like the new one. I haven't been able to stick with it or loose weight. I would like to have the entire booklets that told you each day, each meal and what you can substitute. Girl name Lisa that replied said she had all the manuals I love weight watchers, the old plan is the best for me and easy to follow. Thanks for you help I have only been able to find bits and pieces of this program.

I am in desperate need to lose weight as I did back in I have a weeding coming up in 6 months and I'm using this event as the push I need to do it again. You can send it to cvf yahoo. Hi Kristen Could you send me the old weight watchers plan via email. I lost my book and I loved this plan and wanted to start it again.

Can you please connect me with a copy of the old 's food tracker and the 's diet plan? I remember losing a ton of weight then and now I have a ton and a half to re lose. I am a lifetime member because of that diet and I really wan to be again.

I have also been looking for years for the super start plan from My basement flooded 20 years ago and i have not been able to find this information anywhere. If anyone else has these older plans that can be emailed I would love them gmmunj yahoo. I am so relieved that I found this website. I am a life time member of the original Weight Watchers from I left ages ago. Once it was changed to the Points system it was impossible for me to follow being that I hate numbers and math. They made it so horribly confusing to even want to lose weight.

I had a breast reduction for health reasons 5 years ago. And practically starved myself for the surgery. Needless to say it was very, excruciatingly very hard to maintain that dieting mode. I tried to go back to Weight Watchers some years ago. I hated the Points system. My mind set was strictly on the old WW program from , They kept saying forget the old program. Being that it was very structured and I needed to be guided with measuring and portion control.

To the point of obsessiveness. I lost a couple pounds the first week on the new program, the following week gained one half a pound.

Well that was enough for me. I left Weight Watchers and I swore to myself that I would never go back. Although I became a lifetime member and was awarded my "key to the future".

I came back to a Weight Watchers where you could not see in private surrounded by a cubicle your own weight loss on the scale. They had to tell you behind the counter what you weighed.

And I am so very sorry that I threw out all my old Weight Watchers books. Everything you had to pay for when you use to just get it for free. The dining out booklet and all the other books that helped keep you going and coming back to the meetings. I would really love the old Weight Watchers menu plans. Is there a way to still get them. Thank you for all your help. It is so good to know that I am not the only one who misses the old Weight Watchers food plan and tracker sheets.

It is so good to feel not so all alone that there are others that still want the old food menu plan. I am very interested in the old Weight Watchers diet menu planner. The old Weight Watchers diet worked for me. I cannot for the life of me understand the points system that they changed it to. It is so good to know that there are so many who couldn't stand the points program.

Please email me any information in regards to the old exchange plan on Weight Watchers. My email address is. Michelle The portion controlled old diet plan works. I wasn't sure if my comment was posted.

I just saw that it was. How can you get the old books to Weight Watchers old exchange menu plan. I am looking for the 1st plan with the size of each serving.

I just can't adjust to the points. I lost on that plan. Thank you for any help. It was a 5 week plan and it was a booklet of sorts with meal suggestions and food tracker. Anyone who can e mail me a printable version of the old diet menu plans or lists of foods and quantities, would be so appreciated. Moving forward, if you would like one and haven't received it yet simply fill out the form at the bottom of the post and it will be sent to you automatically! I too had great success on the WW plan from the 90s and became a lifetime member.

The points system is so irritating. By constantly having to keep track of points all day, I have too think about food all day and constantly plan around that; therefore, I am constantly hungry.

It is a vicious circle. If anyone has the serving breakdowns per meal and the food lists from the 90s pre-points please send them or direct me to where I can find them online. The help will be greatly appreciated! Just wanted to ask if I have gone about this the right way. By filling out this form should I receive a copy of the old WW program?

I would be truly grateful! I sent one to you the other day. Let me know if you don't find it in your email and I'll try again. Have a happy day! Had some things going on with my world and it's been a while since checking email and this page. If you don't mind would you send it again. I had so much mail I had to just clean up my email.

Thank you so much!!! I would like a copy also. Its the only plan that has ever worked. Thank you for sharing the Original Weight Watchers Diet.

My sister started the 21 Day Diet Fix and I told her that it was basically a copy this one and a lot more expensive to start! Now, I have proof. It costs a lot less - and we're actually sharing ones that WW seems to have abandoned for their newer points programs.

Let us know what you and your sis find as differences, please. I hope your day is good! Please send it to diasign att. I would love a pdf version of the old plan I lost 60 pounds on the old plan at age 16 and need to lose it again.

It was the only system that worked. I'm not sure anyone here has a copy of the points plan, Christine. Here is what I can tell you about it http: I would like a copy of the quick start plus booklets that was listed on here. I have been looking everywhere for this - my email is dacushardware tds. Has anyone received a copy of the weight watchers information - I have asked for but haven't received or know where to go look please email at dacushardware tds.

I need a copy photocopy Just the listing of foods, amts and the points for each-- the last few pages included some of the WW prepackaged foods as well. When can I expect this? My first WW meeting was over 40 years ago The Leader was Mimi Ackerman.. I have never forgotten her name.. The food plan and all instructions was printed on a pink card about 3x8 inches maybe 3 x 10 inches It was the best and my weight stayed off for quite a while Now I would like to drop about 40 lps So excited when I found the old food plan that Jean N.

If there is anything you can tell me to help I would so appreciate it Had a food listing years ago, but can no longer access would really appreciate it, thank you. Hi Kristina, I would so appreciate a copy of the original plan and daily menus. My email is merryldk gmail. I sent one before and I got a reply but I don't know what else I am suppose to do.

Please show me how I can get the old ww diet.. Hi guys, could o please have a copy of the quick start diet please. Followed this in the early 90's it was brilliant. Hi all, I have been looking everywhere for this and cannot find it. It is the only one that ever worked for me. I remember weighing out my cereal,proteins etc Would love if one of you would email me on all the literature for this diet. I too am happy I found this site.. I would appreciate a copy of the s wow diet.

It is a healthy diet and I lost 40 Lbs 40 yrs ago. The only low fat food substance was diet parlay. As I recall you were suppose to eat 3 veggies and two fruits a day. Fish and chicken and eggs. More to it than I remember. I was thinking about this last night.

You could use Seven Seas Italian dressing or wish bone Italian. If you used butter or margarine it came out of your fats. I ate tuna fish plain or mixed with cottage cheese. Kraft made cheese sticks which were a snack.

I drank V 8 juice every day. I had chicken or fish for dinner and a salad and an egg and a piece of toast for breakfast.

A total of 24 lbs in 3 weeks. Going to give it a shot again starting Monday. In Australia it was in a red paper cover and had about six weeks of diets in it.

I lost about 20 kg using it and have not had a better diet to follow, any help would be greatly appreciated. Could I please also get a copy of the s or s WW plan? My email address is shannonrcaldwell hotmail. Lisa and Kristina, could you send me the WW info you have from the 90's??

I would appreciate it very very much! I would like the copy of the original WW food,list. I lost 60 pounds on that diet in the early 70's and my weight is creeping back up so time to follow it again! Could I please get a copy of the Weight Watchers - very simple plan that was around in the and was a six week plan. I am desperate to lose weight and found that this was the best diet I have ever tried.

I would appreciate any help I can get. Need to lose about 20kg again. I forgot to put my email in the above.

I am also looking for the WW plan from the 70's. My mom lost 30 pounds on it and has kept it off her whole life. I am at a bad place right now and need to try something I feel will work. I need a menu plan of suggested foods for all meals. I would really like if somone would email me the version of the original Weight Watchers plan before all this Points Plus abd now Smart Points stuff! I quit going and want to get back to basics and what actually works!! My email is Hlebelkittle aol.

I ,pet all my books from the early 90's but put them in a safe place when we moved and now can't find them anywhere!!!! This plan worked for me before and I need it again. If anyone can forward by email that plan to me I will be very grateful. Almost to the point of being depressed. Want to kick off this year with a bang but so need ww's help. Tried the point system before, thought I'd give it another try last year just didn't have much success and eventually gave up. Loved the old program it really works and I find like many need to have the structure and planned meals to follow.

The meals were also every day meals, staples that we all have. Went on the old program around fabulous. Have moved several times over the years but some how after our last move lost the books I so desperately want. Thanks for hearing me out and if anyone can help thanks again. I was on the weight watcher program in Can you also send me the pdf of his program? It seemed to be the only plan that worked for me.

So thankful I found your websitem. I was on WW in mid 90's and lost weight and maintained for quite a while Please email me original WW info.

I don't like this points system prefer the original ww plan could someone please email me anything to get me started. Lisa, May I also get a copy of WW complete diet? Only diet plan that worked for me.

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Telomere's exist at the end of each strip of DNA in every living cell. The progressive shortening of telomere length with each cell division is behind cellular aging and death. A study published in the British medical journal, Lancet, in , showed that people with shorter telomeres are at a greater risk for developing heart disease and stroke.

From the JAMA, July , in a study done in a single Italian town researchers looked at 1, people who were cancer free aged They next measured their telomeres and followed this group for 10 years. Compared with those people who had the longest telomeres: These shorter telomere people were also more likely to die from cancer! So, there's more proof: Shorter telomeres increase death from heart attack, stroke, and various cancers. We now have two very good, very smart choices to positively act upon which will reduce suffering and improve quality of life.

From the Annals of Internal Medicine, October 5th Calorie restricted participants who got adequate sleep lost more fat versus muscle. Prior studies have shown hormonal and neurologic responses to caloric restriction in weight loss. In this study, 10 overweight middle-aged adults were assigned to 5. Three months later they crossed over to the opposite group for another 14 day period. Fat loss, fat free body mass and several hormonal systems were monitored.

At the end of the study: People who slept for 8. Those who slept for 5. Finally, sleep deprived participants 5. The sleep deprived people also reported greater levels of hunger and they released more stress hormone which could prematurely age every organ system in the body! We've seen this with our Simeons patients- those who get more rest lose more body fat inches around the waist.

Sleep tight, sleep right enough and sleep well every nite! Sounds as though the study authors listened to our conversations with our patients in the Simeons Program! When people changed their previous poor relationship with foods that were not beneficial and started eating healthier: Most important, this study described 'debility', that is developing weakness, loss of mobility, and earning your way into a nursing home bed as directly related to being overweight, eating poorly, and being inactive.

The two older drugs are Phenteramine, a generic amphetamine long used for appetite suppression in weight loss programs. The second drug is classified as an anti-seizure drug called Toprimate trade named Topamax.

This brings to mind a visit I had from another health care provider in Santa Fe who was advising me on their weight loss program and that it was 'the only FDA approved weight loss program in Santa Fe'! To which I laughed and said how funny that was. I went on to explain a point she obviously did not know: That's extremely funny that anyone would brag about that claim as being a badge of honor! Most people have no clue what FDA standards are in place regarding weight loss!

Our Simeons patients lose 20 to 40 pounds in a typical 40 day period.

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